Scorpion: A Cyclone (Recap and Review)

Scorpion: A Cyclone (Recap and Review)

The third episode in season one of Scorpion, was titled A Cyclone and this high IQ “Scoobie Gang” are still trying to fit together as a cohesive group of crime fighters, or at the very least problem solvers. Thus far the team have fixed one software problem with a virus that messed up air traffic control at LAX and one anguished scientist who genetically engineered a virus to kill people so the score is one criminal and one problem. This week, the geniuses are called upon to pass a test by Cabe’s boss Director Merrick and they fail abysmally with the end result that team Scorpion are “put on ice.”

Just after being put on hold, Walter asks Paige to help the group get better and Cabe gets a call while Sylvester notices that the WiFi is down. They find out that a bomber has blown up an Internet hub and Agent Gallow goes to the site meeting FSG Agent Keeler who is there already accessing the damage. Walter and his team show up and tell Cabe that a note left by the bomber is a red herring.

O’Brien explains that the explosion has shut down everything. Keeler gives his blessing, sort of, to the “independent contractors” allowing them to investigate and the first thing the group does is set up a replacement for the equipment destroyed by the bomb. They also use a Photoshop algorithm to find out who the bomber is via CCTV. The man is wearing a hat and sunglasses and Keeler says he will use official software to identify him.

The Scorpions work out where to track the bomber down and a bartender gives them the lead they need to find his home. The bomber spots the group outside his house and runs. Dodging through traffic he almost gets away but Walter cuts him off in his car. The man stops to shoot O’Brien and gets hit by a bus. Keeler does not appreciate that team Scorpion give him a suspect who may die.

Paige and Walter have a talk about the group and she tells O’Brien that the team need to let her help them or they will be in trouble. Gallo brings in the bomber’s laptop for Walter to hack along with some bits from the explosion. Happy inspects the wires and parts and they lead to her stating that more bombs are being planted. As she is questioned by Cabe about this the bombs go off. In the episode A Cyclone the group are still bonding and Ralph’s mother is still fighting to fit in.

The other targets confuse the high IQ team until Paige points out that the armoured truck was not a target, but the building by the vehicle was. It turns out that a slow server company in the structure was the target which Walter surmises the bomber wanted to destroy because he was trying to hide information.

O’Brien and Sylvester explain about shadow files and slow servers and the difficulty of finding dead man Frank Turner’s email. Doyle finds the deceased’s IP address and team Scorpion track down the shadow file with the information that the bomber wanted to destroy. When they find it, the file reveals that Agent Keeler was selling FSG secrets and is the man behind the bomber.

After finding this out Happy discovers another bomb. The group learn that they cannot disarm the thing and Walter and Happy use joint compound and salt to cut down on the plastique explosion. The rest of the Scorpion team go to evacuate the building while Cabe goes to tell the DOJ about Keeler and show them the file that was downloaded on a portable hard drive.

Keeler hits the SUV that Gallo and Sylvester are travelling in and takes the file from the agent. Cabe and Keeler fight over the USB drive and Sylvester saves Cabe at the last minute. Walter and Happy’s plan works with the bomb and although the file is lost, Sylvester’s photographic memory allows him to remember the entire 30 page document.

At the end of this week’s Scorpion, Walter tells Ralph that a group of scorpions is called a Cyclone and he tells Paige that she fits nicely into the group. There are still the odd plot holes in the show but overall each week does present something a little different for the geniuses to solve. At the end of the show, Cabe reveals that he “flamed out” because of the mission that caused him and Walter to fall out. So far the count in criminal activity is two, problems one. While the show does entertain, it is doubtful that the it will last long enough for Ralph to grow up and become a member of Scorpion.

By Michael Smith



3 Responses to "Scorpion: A Cyclone (Recap and Review)"

  1. Cynthia   October 13, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    do a search to verify that this is true. A group of scorpions is called a cyclone

  2. Lucas Sullivan (@MajicWalrus)   October 12, 2014 at 9:35 pm

    I would like this show a lot more if a group of scorpions WAS really called a cyclone, but I can find basically zero evidence of that being the case.

    • S Edmundson   October 22, 2014 at 4:29 pm

      Google it! A group of scorpions is, indeed, a “cyclone”!

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