‘Shadow of Mordor’ Free Content Hits Xbox One Today


Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor, the newest video game adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, has some free content out today for Xbox One, and will be coming at some point for Playstation 4 and PC. Inside this free pack, players will find not only new collectibles, but a new look for the haunted Ranger to sport through his mission of vengeance. This content is just the tip of the iceberg of potential paid additions down the line for players that cannot get enough of Talion inside Sauron’s borders.

The Power of Shadow pack for Shadow of Mordor, which should be available today on Xbox One, free of charge, can put Talion into the costume of one of his main adversaries inside the game world. A Black Hand of Sauron outfit is available for players to try out on top of some new epic-tier runes to place within the bow, sword and dagger. The “One with Nature” rune grants immunity from poison-tipped attacks by Captain level Uruks, the “Ascendant” rune doubles focus time for ranged combat and the “Elven Race” rune halves the damage taken from enemy strikes. The release date for this content on Playstation 4 and PC has not been revealed as of yet, but Warner Interactive claims the content is coming soon for both.

Taking place between The Hobbit trilogy and The Lord of the Rings, Shadow of Mordor takes bits and pieces of both into account for its story missions. Along with a familiar face or two, there are many pieces of lore to decode between the Elven language collectibles and a few hinted connections to the other collection of stories J. R. R. Tolkien penned, The Silmarillion. The teams at Monolith and Warner Brothers Interactive expressed their desire to keep this entry separate from The Lord of the Rings movies, but those references, as well as interesting tidbits such as Sauron’s old master and some historical context thanks to Talion’s friend, keep the story rooted in the Tolkien universe.

Shadow of Mordor will have some more story content added via the season pass for those interested in delving even deeper into the connected lore between this game and the two sets of trilogies. The story mission Lord of the Hunt will task players with the hunt of wild beasts and give access to new areas and collectibles. The second story mission, The Bright Lord, will give players the chance to play as Celebrimor, the Elven smith, and take his own revenge against Sauron.

The season pass will also include exclusive content called Guardians of the Flaming Eye that will pit Talion against Sauron’s elite in front of the Black Gate for a chance to earn the Rising Sun rune. Other content includes early access to the Trails of War series of challenges, which will be a high score chase against various hoards of Orcs, promised runes, skins and any other additional content the company puts out for the game. The Shadow of Mordor season pass is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC for $24.99, and players do not have to purchase the pass to grab the free Power of Shadow content.

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2 Responses to "‘Shadow of Mordor’ Free Content Hits Xbox One Today"

  1. Jonathan Gardner   October 21, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    Are the runes new or just new to the Xbox One? I’ve gotten the One With Nature rune on my character, but I play on the PS4.

    • Myles Gann   October 21, 2014 at 2:04 pm

      Have seen a few comments about that rune, but Warner and Monolith haven’t said they are just new to Xbox One. They’ve just used general language for all the runes together across the consoles.

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