Sherri Shepherd Estranged Husband Sells Photos of Surrogate Baby

Sherri Shepherd Estranged Husband Sells Surrogate Baby Photos

Sherri Shepherd sounds off after her estranged husband sells his surrogate baby’s photos to tabloids. Lamar Sally says Sherri walked out on the marriage and abandoned the child. The former co-host of The View said she knows the truth will be revealed. Lamar also maintains Sherri backed out of the agreement she made concerning their surrogate child because of their messy and ongoing divorce.

Sherri reported her soon-to-be ex-husband deceived her into signing the surrogate agreement and there is more to the story than the one he is “selling” to media outlets. Lamar said finding the surrogate was a lengthy process which took about eight months. He cannot seem to understand why the former host would say she was duped into it.

The Los Angeles based script writer and Sherry were married in 2011. Almost immediately after Sherry wanted to try for a child because she was getting older and did not want to wait too long. Reportedly, Sherri had trouble conceiving a child so they decided together to go the route of a surrogate.

Reportedly, the couple paid a surrogate $30,000 to carry their child for them. When the surrogate was six months pregnant the couple separated. The baby was conceived with Lamar’s sperm but Sherri’s egg was not used. After the split the comedian did not want to have anything to do with the baby. Baby L.J. was born on August 5 and has remained in his father’s custody.

Sherri said, in court Lamar went to great lengths to shield the baby from the public because of all the media attention. He felt it could endanger the child.  Now he has decided to share photos of the baby with multiple outlets? Sherri wrote:

It is interesting how one person petitions the court to seal the file because all the media attention could endanger the child yet pictures of the child are sold to same tabloids and constant pictures of the child are being tweeted out to over 8000 people/strangers. Who is doing the ‘endangering?’ So before you arbitrarily assign ‘bad character’ and ‘poor judgment’ to one person why don’t you wait for truth to come out?

Sherri does not deny changing her mind about the baby. She reportedly offered her ex $3,000 in child support monthly and a one-time payment of $100,000. Lamar wants more and has declined her offer. Reports state the couple has a prenup which is ironclad; Lamar waived his rights for spousal support and under the agreement the funds Sherri offered him is more than required. He insists he wants $10,000 a month; Sherri said that is ludicrous and has no problem with their divorce going to trial.

Lamar said he was caught off-guard by his wife’s sudden desire to separate and her refusal to recognize the son she wanted so badly. Lamar said the reason they married after only one year is because Sherri wanted to. He wanted to wait at least another year but she wanted to have a baby with him so desperately that he agreed to marry so soon. He added:

To this day, I cannot pinpoint one thing that caused us to split up. I honestly do not know what happened. No one was cheating, we didn’t fight much and we didn’t have money problems.

Lamar admitted they had the usual problems and arguments most couples experience, but they were not major. He said while in a session with the therapist Sherri blindsided him with the divorce. She felt like she could not be the kind of wife he needed her to be and wanted to terminate their union.

Now he has found himself in the midst of a nasty divorce with the woman he intended to spend the rest of his life with. Lamar said he is happy to have their son but cannot understand why Sherri would not want to be involved with the baby, even if they are not together. The surrogate gave up a great deal for them; she was on bed rest for weeks and sacrificed time away from her own children. This is the reason Lamar said he is suing Sherri, not for the comedian’s money but she needs to take responsibility for a child she asked for.

Sherri, however, wants nothing to do with the child and is angry that her estranged husband would sell his picture to media outlets when he was so adamant about the baby’s privacy. Sherri maintains there is more to the story, she has spoken to Lamar’s mistress and the truth will prevail.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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