Shia LaBeouf Tells All About His Crazy Arrest [Video]


In one of the most recent episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Shia LaBeouf opens up to the crowd about his recent arrest and how crazy the whole experience really was. Shia, who was arrested at the Broadway Theatre, at the end of June, was viewing Cabaret at New York Studio 54. He was charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and harassment, after being held over night.

In the show, LaBeouf tells Jimmy Kimmel all of the crazy details of exactly what happened that night. Many are saying that it is the best story ever told, as it involves some pretty wild moments that led to his eventual arrest at the theatre. This was certainly not the first time that LaBeouf was arrested, charged, or even drunk, but it certainly is the first time that this much crazy was involved.

As the video opens Jimmy Kimmel states, “you seem to have gone crazy since the last time I saw you,” as they both share a laugh. LaBeouf then tells Kimmel the story which goes: he was drinking whiskey in Ireland, where people expect to drink a lot, then when he came back he was watching the World Cup, so he continued drinking whiskey. He states that he went outside to smoke a cigarette where he saw a homeless Marine. He said he talked to the homeless man for thirty minutes when a woman started taking pictures of him, which scared the homeless man so he chased after him. He then went back to the bar where he ran into a different man, when he stated he was trying to have a good time. The man then said he was in a Cabaret show. Shia decided to go, when the “drunk really kicked in.” He said he was walking to his seat after getting to the show when he saw a bar and decided to get another drink. He then saw two 50-year-old women and he offered to buy them drinks. He went ahead and bought them each whiskeys when he found a fruit plate. He started feeding a woman strawberries before he went to take the drinks to the 50 year old women. They did not want them so he drank them. Then he met Alan “in leather pants” so he takes out a cigarette and Alan puts it out and went and got the valet guy. LaBeouf said he then slapped Alan on the a** as he walked away. He started to have another cigarette when security asked him to put it out. So he went out side where he saw “six cops” who he thought “were having their own party.” He went with them to the station when he realized that things were wrong. He said he “turned into Tupac” so those around him would think he was crazy and not mess with him. He spit on a cops shoe and they put a “Hannibal mask” on him, then he sat there until morning when he got a McDonald’s sandwich.

This was the story that the actor told Kimmel, which had viewers laughing the whole time. After Shia told Kimmel that he was gonna stay away from Broadway and Whiskey for a while. According to reports on the night of his arrest, not only were these the things that happened, but more also went down, such as Shia screaming the F word at them while they were trying to arrest him. His shirt was also torn, as seen in the picture above on the morning that he was released. There is much speculation as to what actually happened that night but LaBeouf filled in many details on Jimmy Kimmel live.

One thing is for certain: LaBeouf is definitely an actor, whether on screen or off, and he has no problem performing, though many of his recent “performances” have had to be followed up with apologies. Two women even stated after his arrest from the Broadway Theatre that they thought he was working a role, and they even called him brilliant. Some even believe that he was ‘acting’ as he caused a disturbance in the theatre, but that then went wrong.

LaBeouf is currently working on acting as his profession, rather than in the public theatre, with his upcoming movie Fury, where he stars alongside Brad Pitt. The movie is expected to release on Oct. 17, and is already predicted to be a big hit. The media is hoping that LaBeouf will spend time in the future focusing more on his professional movie career than on his arrest record, as sources state that he has spent much time this year apologizing.

By Crystal Boulware


USA Today

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