Space Plane Returns to Earth After Mysterious Journey


The Air Force’s X-37B landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base Friday after being in space for 674 days. The unmanned craft resembles a miniature Space Shuttle. It landed at 9:24 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, and appeared to have been successful. Successful to what, no one knows as the speculation continues.

The spacecraft was built by Boeing and is a top-secret project. It is 9 ½ feet tall and a little over 29 feet long. The wingspan is less than 15 feet and it weighs 11,000 pounds. It was powered by solar panels which charged its batteries.

The Air Force has been vague about its purpose. They plan to launch another mission next year.

By James Turnage





U.S. Air Force photo by Michael Stonecypher – Flickr License

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