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Star Wars

Star Wars fans are a dedicated group and clips from 480 of them, who attempted to recreate The Empire Strikes Back scene-by-scene, were brilliantly and lovingly crafted together to create a minor masterpiece that has become a viral sensation, called Empire Strikes Back Uncut. Over 480 fans sent in 1,500 submissions of 15-second video clips which were painstakingly crafted together to remake Irvin Kershner’s classic science fiction movie. The clips submitted were in the categories of animation, comedy and non-fiction.

The fan-made recreation of the second Star Wars flick, The Empire Strikes Back, called Empire Uncut, is two hours long. It is well worth the time to check out, for everyone who is a fan of the original movie, or who just likes a good time. It is campy, entertaining, and will make one think, at times, that some fans of Star Wars might have just a little bit too much time on their hands.

Who knows exactly why the geniuses at Lucasflim had the idea to invite Star Wars fans to recreate The Empire Strikes Back (1980). The good news for fans of the movie, trying to kill time until the upcoming Star Wars movie involving Disney comes out, is that fans took the idea of making the scene-by-scene recreation and they ran with it.

Humans are not the only stars in this remake of the Star Wars movie. Animation and claymation is used, as well as balloons, potatoes, puppets, CGI, animals like cats and a dog who plays Princess Leia Organa, and even a needlepoint galaxy. Does a pug dog make a convincing Yoda in the Empire Uncut? If enough of The Force the dog has, then, yes the answer be, young Jedi Knight!

The original call Casey Pugh for submissions of the video clips for this projects went out in 2013. Pugh also oversaw the 2010 fan-made flick, recreating the first movie, called Star Wars Uncut, which won an Emmy.

Fans of The Empire Strikes Back were asked to submit 15-second-long recreations of scenes from the Irvin Kershner-directed movie. According to George Lucas, Kershner was given the job of directing the movie because he “knew everything a Hollywood director is supposed to know…but was not Hollywood.”

Besides directing The Empire Strikes Back, Irvin “Kersh” Kershner directed the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again and also Robocop 2. He passed away on November 10, 2010, after a long illness.

Even the Ewoks made the cut and are in the fan-created remake. Humorously bad acting abounds, light sabers, Darth Vader, Chewbacca and more are all in The Empire Strikes Back Uncut. Perhaps the ultimate fans of the Star Wars franchise, the filmmakers at Lucas Films, enjoyed the remake so much that they have put it on the official Star Wars YouTube channel for all fans around the world to also enjoy.

The Star Wars fan-made recreation of The Empire Strikes Back, which has become known as The Empire Strike Back Uncut or just Empire Uncut, is a movie YouTube viewers and fans of the original, directed by the late Irvin Kershner, will have a fun time geeking out over. Check it out at the last link below!

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