Stephen Collins Dropped by Agency

Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins has now been dropped by his agency, according to various reports. It is another decision made over the outcome from the molestation reports. He has been with this agency for the last five years.

The Agency for the Performing Arts stated that the recording of the admission of the molestation of a young girl led to the decision to no longer represent him. It is not the first hit Collins has taken in his career since the admission of guilt. He has also been dropped from Ted 2, the sequel to the popular vile bear movie, and from an upcoming Scandal episode. All 7th Heaven reruns have also been taken off the air, with other actors suffering from his guilt.

By taking the TV show off air, the rest of the cast will be unable to collect residual income for their performances. Sam and Niki Saletta have complained about the decision, especially if it means the show will never air again. The two appeared on the show as child actors, and their mother and manager Caryn Ross state that there was nothing suspicious about Collins when they were on set. It will be difficult for a number of the cast who do not have steady work from Hollywood and likely rely on the residual income.

One of the arguments against taking the 7th Heaven reruns off the air is that the show aired after the molestations reportedly took place. However, the actor’s wife, Faye Grant, believes otherwise. She stated that her husband used his fame to build rapport with the parents of child actors. That allowed him to molester them.

Collins has now been dropped by his agency, and it will be difficult for him to get another one to take him on. This is despite the molestations not happening since 1984 according to the actor. He stated that he molested or exposed himself to three children. He has not spoken out about the allegations that he could have molested a child as recent as 2007.

However, a source says that anything happening on 7th Heaven is not true. The source claims that Grant is simply trying to gain more from the divorce. The divorce of the couple will take place next month, and is expected to be a nasty proceeding. Grant is reportedly sending emails to others to say how much of a sociopath Collins really is. She also stated in an email that he is a narcissist but did not realize that he was a pedophile.

Since the reports about the actor’s offenses, a number of people have stepped forward to say that they were victims. One woman told the police that Collins would sneak into her room naked and would regularly get her to touch his penis. She stated that she often avoided advances by pretending to sleep when he would come in. This happened when she was 11, and during trips to New York when she would stay with the then-married couple.

The will likely be many other allegations, and much more to come out during the divorce proceedings. For now, Collins has seen a severe decline in his career, with him now being dropped by his agency.

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Photo credit: CC-2.0 Gage Skidmore

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