Stephen Collins Life Imitating Art

Stephen Collins Life Imitating Art

Stephen Collins Life Imitating Art

In a very short space of time Stephen Collins has been accused of his life imitating his art, with charges of sexual abuse against under age female children hanging over his head. It is indeed ironic that in a 2013 short Indie film Collins played a paedophile priest. The film is currently on the 2014 festival circuit. Apparently the actor has admitted to molesting at least three young girls, one of whom went to the police to file a complaint.

The victim, who was 13 years old at the time of the incident told law enforcement officials that the 7th Heaven actor exposed himself to the underage girl the summer of 1983 in West Hollywood where Collins lived on Havenhurst Drive. According to TMZ, who posted an audio tape of the 67 year old confessing to either molesting or exposing himself to underage girls, the actor “went back” to make it up to the girl years later.

It appears that the allegations by the victim were made to the New York police who then referred the complaint to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as they have jurisdiction. TMZ go on to state that local law enforcement have described Collins as a suspect in the alleged molestation, indecent exposure and “annoying” a child.

Incredibly, Stephen Collins was cast as a paedophile priest in the short film Penance, and it seems as though the actor’s life was imitating his art in what can only be described as a surreal bit of news. In the movie, the actor is a “man of the cloth” who attempts to help a parishioner with “personal” demons and scars from a troubled past.

The 11 minute award winning film was written and directed by Jeff Wolfe (himself an award winner for Penance as well as other works and its theme deals with eradicating one’s inner demons and seeing how far someone will go to get forgiveness, or “to give it.” The film also stars David Lyons as the tortured parishioner who asks for help from Stephen Collins’ priest. Lyons apparently got the role because of his connection to Wolfe in the television show Revolution, as well as Collins who was also in the series, which the short film’s director also won an award for.

Stephen Collins is undergoing a divorce and his estranged wife, Faye Grant made allegations about Collins molesting children as part of her divorce paperwork. Grant made a sworn statement that her husband had actually admitted to her that he had abused three young girls, if not more.

In the statement it was alleged that Stephen Collins had partaken in a long term pattern of abusing minor children over a decade ago. It has been pointed out that the actor has not denied the any of the statement formally as part of the divorce proceedings. The latest allegation deals with Collins’ molesting a child of a family friend in the 1970’s.

Stephen Collins’ life may be imitating his art, but thus far the performer has not been charged with the offences he has been accused of. Law enforcement officials have stated that he is under investigation, as a suspect, and that is where things stand at the moment. The actor has lost work since the allegations, in Ted 2 and Scandal, and reruns of 7th Heaven have been cancelled until further notice.

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  1. Dont get me wrong accusations are disturbing but what happened to innocent til prooven guilty? I feel bad that this is not how he is being treated. The employers that have dropped him prematurely. ….shame on you.

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