Stephen Collins Once Played a Pastor Now Admits to Child Molestation

Fans of the old  7th Heaven show are going to be thoroughly disappointed in what time has brought to the attention of the New York Police Department, as the one time pastor of the hit show admits to being a child molester. The police have received tapes of the actor admitting details of his pedophilia and actions he took against children. Actress Faye Grant, who is divorcing Collins, has papers stating that she wishes to dissolve the marriage due to his longtime, chronic child molestation activities.

His wife claims to have found out about three children Collins allegedly molested over 25 years ago in 2012. It is also alleged that two of these children were abused sexually by the actor over the course of two years. She states that she had begged him to seek counseling for this predilection for young children.

When Grant did get the former 7th Heaven star to a therapist, she directly asked him about the molestation and he is said to have answered honestly, as well as provided details. His wife taped all the therapy sessions, and ultimately, turned over the tapes to the NYPD, who have begun an investigation into the charges. It is said that her lawyer advised her to record the conversations without Collins’ knowledge, and that they would begin to collect evidence of his felonious actions. The lawyer apparently told their client that it is legal in California to do this, if it is in an effort to obtain evidence of criminal activity.

TMZ has obtained these tapes and put the audio on their website, obscuring the names of the children for their protection. On the tape are disturbing admissions of exposing himself to an 11-year-old girl, and having her place a hand on his private parts. There is a female voice heard asking if he was aroused during this interaction, to which the response is that he was only partially aroused. Grant goes on to ask about the other children involved–two of which were from New York and one from California.

Listening to the tape one hears Collins state that he tried to apologize years later to one of his victims. The other New York girl was allegedly between 12 and 13 years old at the time of contact with the actor. TMZ states that the NYPD has the tape and two detectives reportedly went to California to talk to Grant, and that there is an open investigation into the allegations by her.

Although the abuse happened so long ago, it is said that a conviction can be issued as the statute of limitation begins from the time the crime was discovered and reported. Since 7th Heaven, the actor has played roles on other major television shows that have actors that were underage, such as his role on The Fosters, a show about young children in the foster care system.

The reverberations are already being felt by Collins, as he will no longer have a small part in the upcoming movie Ted 2, and he has left his position on the board of the Screen Actors Guild.

Opinion By Kristi Cereska

New York Daily News

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  1. Jennifer Pfalz   October 7, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    How awful to think of the contact he had with young children during his career….


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