Steve Nash No Longer an NBA Asset to Lakers

Steve Nash

Steve Nash can no longer compete in the NBA and is now more of a detriment to the Lakers than an asset. He has had a rough go-around since joining the Los Angeles Lakers in 2012. What was supposed to be the beginning of a dynasty with the joining of Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant and Nash, turned out to be a circus of injuries, character issues, and more injuries as the Lakers became similar to the reality television of the National Basketball Association. Steve Nash was supposed to be the glue between two warriors, but injuries have followed his age and now with the news of him missing all of the upcoming season with a back injury, he will have a tough decision to make if he can still comeback.

Nash is 40 years old. He played just 15 games last season and only averaged six points and six assists. 15 games to Nash is unrealistic considering the reliability, durability, and conditioning that is used to being seen of him. It might sound like bad luck as it seemed immediate just how bad and how fast things went that way for him as he joined the superpower Lakers. In just his second game with the Lakers he fractured his left leg, an injury that followed him throughout the season, as he tried to return early to help an undisciplined team in need of someone to be the silent leader, the Batman of the Lakers. Instead, Nash’s Laker career would seem more fitting to be called the Joker of the team.

Nash no longer being an asset means that he can no longer be productive to the Lakers or anywhere else in the NBA for that matter. After signing a three-year, 28 million dollar contract after being traded to the Lakers for two first round picks, things seemed perfect for Nash as the location was closer to his children, the money was very good, and the chance to compete for titles was all but certain. With this year being the final year in his contract, it is undecided yet inevitable that Nash retires after this season. A neck injury, lingering back injuries, and nerve damage in his back, the tunnel does not seem to have light at the end of it for the two-time MVP. Perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel came from the Sun, the Phoenix Sun that he once was before joining the Lakers.

He is no longer a productive asset to the Lakers based on the route of players nearing their end. Typically at the end of the to-be hall-of-famers careers, players join teams that are in contention of getting a championship, one last ride to the top before retiring. Nash had that plan to get one last ride with Kobe Bryant, who is also in the final years of his playing days. Unfortunately for the Lakers, the team is weak, Kobe is also coming off season-ending injuries, and the future for the team looks brighter three to four years down the road. Nash being 40 years old may not have the time, endurance, strength or stamina to stay with a team for that many years. After not playing this entire year, it is unclear whether he will have anything left in the tank to give it one last ride of a career that will mark him as one of the top five point guards of all time. He is ranked third all-time in NBA assists behind Marc Jackson and Jason Kidd. He has won two MVPs and been in countless all-star games. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest shooters in NBA history as well as being as consistent as there ever has been.

Commentary by Evan Linneman


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