Super Smash Bros Tribute Album ‘Harmony of Heroes’ Now Available

Super Smash Bros Harmony of Heroes

Fans with tremendous amounts of organization and dedication have now completed what is being called “the largest fan arrangement album ever created.” With a total of 101 tracks, Harmony of Heroes gives characters across the Nintendo family tree a celebration of remixed and re-envisioned songs. Since this is a labor or love, the entire album is free to download from the Harmony of Heroes website. All sorts of musical genres are toyed around with, from powerful orchestrag, to smooth jazz and of course, the always ambitious DK rap; this album has it all.

Those outside of Japan have now officially got their hands on the new Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS, as the release date was October 3. For many, it has been a long wait of youtube videos and returning to Super Smash Bros. Melee, but now the wait is over and the action can begin. Those that have managed to put down the 3DS long enough to read this can go download the free tribute album Harmony of Heroes, to compliment the action as a drastically long playlist.

To celebrate the completion of the album, Arecibo Radio streamed the entire album with input from the artists that contributed to the project. During that time, a separate chat room opened up to give listeners an opportunity to discuss the tracks and how they felt about them (at the time of writing this such events continue).

From the website it is possible to find and download tracks for specific series and characters or download the entire soundtrack; all 101 tracks. In addition to that, the website is loaded with artwork made specifically for the project. The artwork explores different themes and styles of creation, leading to a number of unique and touching moments.

When going through this album it is very likely to find particular artists that allure like no other, for many of these artists, soundcloud holds more of their musical prowess, others have their own albums and websites to enjoy. Listeners are encouraged to explore such artists and discover more music that may be a perfect fit. Here is the official track list for the album, all 101 tracks included.
Super Smash Bros Harmony of Heroes Track List

Super Smash Bros is a series that has influenced, touched, and taunted many individuals.This album is made by the fans for the fans and as such, feedback from the listeners is gladly accepted and appreciated. Harmony of Heroes has a contact spot for such feedback on their webpage.

A lot of effort went into making this global project, but it is now finished. Whether listeners are drawn to the music of certain series, like Fire Emblem or Star Fox, they will likely find special gems that show off the beauty of the Super Smash Bros. series. Harmony of Heroes is now available for free download. Tracks are available in two downloadable formats, MP3 or lossless M4A. All tracks will also work within the Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod, Project Melee (PM).

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