Supernatural Back to What It Does Best [Video]


Supernatural is back to what it does best with episode four of season 10. The show takes it back to the roots, with the Winchester brothers back on the weekly bad guy setting. It even takes the brothers back to a creature they have faced before: werewolves.

For a few years now, the Supernatural writers have focused on the longer storylines. Last season was about getting rid of Metatron, and led to Dean becoming a demon. That seemed to be the storyline for season 10, until Sam cured his brother during the last episode. While it has disappointed many fans, it has allowed the show to get back to the weekly bad guy focus this week. It has allowed the brothers to get back to their original relationship.

According to the synopsis for Tuesday night’s episode, a character Dean and Sam have seen before will make a reappearance. Kate, a werewolf the brothers allowed to live in season eight, is around and a number of murders are happening. All signs point towards a werewolf in town, and the brothers automatically suspect Kate. If it is here, they know they have no choice but to kill her.

This is not the first time they have had to make decisions like this. Dean made the decision to kill his brother’s childhood friend, Amy, because she was killing people, even though it was to make her son better. Both Kate and Amy had one thing in common: they would live on animals instead of humans.

Many fans will be excited to see Supernatural get back to what it does best. It means the comedy is likely making a comeback, along with the relationship between the two brothers. The question is how long the show will stick to that.

Many believe that the writers have something up their sleeves. There is no way that the Demon Dean storyline will be forgotten about, or that it is the last of the Mark of Cain causing a problem. Crowley has something planned, and he is likely to come along and destroy the “happy ever after.”

Castiel even makes it clear that it is not all over for the Winchester brothers. He stated that the Mark of Cain is still there, and Dean could turn into the evil creature that Sam saved him from being. Crowley previously mentioned that by Dean no satisfying the Mark, he could become a full demon. That is likely something playing in the back of his mind, and could be the card that Crowley has up his sleeve.

For now, fans can enjoy some classic Supernatural. They will get the chance to see the brothers driving around the country, fighting monsters and saving people. It is likely going to be a difficult episode for the brothers, though, as they learn someone they trusted previously could now be killing humans. There may even be flashbacks to remember the conversation the brothers had with Kate.

Fans can forget about Demon Dean for now. They get the reminder that Supernatural is back to what it does best temporarily.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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