Playboy Mansion Halloween Party 2014: Avoid the Figure Flattering Black



Ever since Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman did it in the 2007 film The Bucket List it has been popular to put down things to do before shuffling off this mortal coil, visiting the Playboy Mansion (West) for the 2014 Halloween Party allowed that particular item to be crossed off several lists but, a word to the wise if attending this little soiree, avoid the figure flattering black outfit. Especially if the attendee is male, over a certain age and going as Lex Luthor a la Smallville‘s Michael Rosenbaum who has been known to appear in all black attire complete with natty black shirt and tie.

The pint-sized guardian of the Playboy grotto…

The Guardian Liberty Voice received an invite to this particular party via the lovely folks at Altitude Digital, the theme was Superheroes and Villains and this author got the nod to attend. After much deliberation the Lex Luthor look was decided upon and the choice was particularly beneficial as there is the added bonus of black making most everyone who wears it look slimmer. Unfortunately this was also the attire of the mostly Texas-sized security at the Playboy Mansion, the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd and at the “mid” meeting point of the UCLA car park, aka parking garage. While most of these “men in black” were big enough to be declared their own, muscled country, there were a number of smaller men who looked as equally competent and able to dissuade the most ardent troublemaker.

The Grotto sans bunnies…

There were several groups of folks attending, one of which was the crowd who belonged to KARMA. While it was not clearly apparent who this group was, their outfits ran the gamut from sexy, to good natured, to off-the-wall. The 2014 Halloween Party at the Playboy Mansion had a good number of “groups” attending along with a huge amount of Playmates who obviously did not need to either avoid or rely upon figure flattering black outfits.

Halloween revelers awaiting transport at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Playboy Playmates also did not have to worry about scary costumes. Their outfits were of the minimalist variety. Some were decked out in body paint only, while others had such tight outfits on that these appeared to be bodypaint until closer examination. Not too close however, as even these goodnatured and attractive young ladies might not appreciate it. Apparently, Hugh Hefner and his significant other, Crystal, showed up but depending on where the participants were it would have been easy to miss Hef completely.

Dancing for the Playboy camera…

There were many things going on all at once at the Playboy mansion, so much that it was easy to miss something. There was a haunted house, complete with a 3D portion, a graveyard or two, some performances of the “carny” sort – laying on a bed of nails while having a cinder block smashed on the young lady’s stomach whilst laying supine upon the sharp mattress and one delightful female who twirled fire outside the mansion.

More bunnies…

Inside the mansion Playboy guests of the 2014 Halloween Party enjoyed a night of music, food, drink and ingested enough fake fog that they could have had smoke ring contests. The music was brilliant as was the atmosphere. The biggest lesson for this writer was learning that if there is ever a “next time” at Hef’s place, avoiding the figure flattering black ensemble may be a good idea. It was saddening to be asked, “Do you know where Amanda is?” and having to answer in the negative. Although on the plus side, knowing where the restrooms were was a real winner with those desperate for a little relief.

By Michael Smith


Playboy Mansion Los Angeles, California October 25, 2014