The Vampire Diaries Likely Losing a Main Character This Season

The Vampire Diaries

It seems that The Vampire Diaries may be losing one of its three main characters at the end of this season. Only two have signed up for a seventh season, so far, and that is the way it could stay. The names of the two actors signed up have not been shared, but Paul Wesley is likely one of them. It leaves either Ian Somerhalder or Nina Dobrev possibly saying goodbye.

Guardian Liberty Voice has already reported that this could be Dobrev’s last season. There has reportedly been some drama on the set due to Somerhalder bringing his new girlfriend, Nikki Reed. The actors who play on-screen love interests Elena and Damon were dating for two years before they decided to bring their relationship to an end. Somerhalder then moved onto the Twilight actress, who has reportedly moved in with him.

However, it regularly annoys Dobrev, according to recent reports. She also wants to focus on her movie career, which hints that it could really be the 25-year-old who is going to say goodbye to the set. The question is whether The Vampire Diaries can continue without Elena. She is the main character in the books, and the one the majority of the storylines surround on the show.

All actors had only signed a six-year contract to start with. However, it seems that there are plans for at least one more season. For that to happen, The Vampire Diaries is likely losing a main character at the end of this season.

A seventh season of the show has not yet been confirmed. The CW network will be looking at next year’s schedule later in the year, but may possibly give the show one or two more seasons. Season six has not been as well received as previous seasons, but it is still one of the most popular on the network. It makes sense for the network owners to green light a new season.

The question is whether the show will be the same with a missing main character. The good news about that is that it gives other characters a chance to step forward. Many people want to see Caroline, played by Candice Accola, take a more prominent role and have storylines that do not involve a love interest. She has already proven a good actress with some of her storylines from the last two seasons.

Some would like to see Matt take a more prominent role on the show, especially considering he had the storyline of visiting the “Other Side” every time he died from supernatural reasons. That storyline was introduced very late in season five of The Vampire Diaries, so the writers could not really do too much with it. There is hope that he can now have a bigger storyline with Tripp, a member of one of the founding families.

There are many options, but they would certainly change the dynamic of the show. That may not necessarily be a bad thing. It could even lead to the show continuing for longer. However, if The Vampire Diaries does continue, it could mean that one of the main characters is not there.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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