Supernatural Season 10 Episode 4: Paper Moon [Recap/Review]


Paper Moon introduced an old face to Supernatural’s fourth episode of season 10. It also brought back the interesting dilemma of whether monsters and mythological creatures can live in peace, or whether the Winchester brothers should kill them.

The episode brought back werewolf Kate, who appeared during Supernatural’s eighth season. At the same time, the show seemed to go back to the roots in certain places. It was just like at the beginning with the brothers on the road, taken care of the evil creatures that they would face each week. Along the way, the brothers avoided the real issues between them; namely Dean’s previous few weeks as a demon.

Playing on Dean’s mind is the fact that he has to kill. The Mark of Cain forces him to need to kill, but Sam is unsure whether his brother can really go through with all that now that he is no longer a demon. That hesitation ends up saving Kate’s life when they do come face to face with her, and that helps the Winchesters realize that Kate could not have done the most recent killing. There is another werewolf out there, possibly trying to frame Kate.

Dean is not the only one who has done questionable things over the summer. Episode four, Paper Moon, brings up some of the monstrous things that Sam has done throughout season 10 of Supernatural, and in between the show’s summer break. The difference for Sam is that he was never a demon. He has a dark side that Dean worries will come back out.

The storyline between the two brothers is mimicked with the werewolf storyline. Kate has a werewolf sister, Tasha. The sister is constantly giving into the urges and killing humans, but Kate wants to stop her. The Winchesters cannot help but see the similarities, and neither can the audience.

It is left to Kate to make a difficult decision; one that Sam had to make during episode two of this season’s Supernatural. Kate can either leave with her sister or kill her, and decides to do the latter. The world will never be safe because Tasha does not want to stop. Sam realizes that he needs to know whether Dean still has the darkness inside of him because he still has the Mark.

There is also a connection to Dean. He has to make the decision over whether Sam has gone too far after killing innocents. Sam chose to convince Lester to make a deal with a crossroads demon, just so he could track Crowley and Dean. At no point was Sam a demon, unlike the excuse that Dean has had the last few weeks.

The only disappointing part has been ignoring Castiel and Crowley, as they deal with their own issues. However, focusing on the two brothers with the dilemma of killing Kate or letting her go again brings it all back to the old-school show. It is an episode that many fans have missed over the year, especially with little focus on the overall season arc.

Paper Moon, the fourth episode of season 10, has a nostalgic feel to Supernatural once more. The show will take a break for a week, and will return with its milestone 200th episode Fan Fiction on November 11.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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