Taylor Swift Explains Meaning of Music at Hollywood Bowl Concert [Video]


Taylor Swift explained what she believed to be the meaning of having music in one’s life at the We Can Survive concert at the Hollywood Bowl this past weekend. The singer began her intro into one of her new hit singles “Shake It Off” with the aforementioned statement and seemed to have reached out very affectively to many individuals judging from the audience’s reaction.

Swift performed alongside many other powerful music icons on the Hollywood Bowl stage that night. A few notable names that were also seen belting their hearts out were that of Ariana Grande, Sia, Iggy Azalea, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez. All of the singing divas graced the stage in order to support the breast cancer survivors of the world – hence We Can Survive. For each ticket that was purchased, $2 of the price was sent towards the aid of the survivors from the disease that regrettably takes hold of so many women in today’s world.

Swift sang four of her most popular songs, two of which are from her previous album Red and two from the album 1989, which is to be released on Monday. The singles from Red included “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and “I Knew You Were Trouble”. The new songs from the latest album consisted of the more grounded ballad-esque “Out of the Woods” and the song mentioned earlier “Shake It Off”. Swift’s country twang is still evident in the likes of her music from Red, but the singer no longer has that backwoods sound in the likes of the full-on pop melodies of the tracks from 1989.

The singer began her final performance of “Shake It Off” by bringing to light why everyone listens to music and brings it so welcomingly into their lives. The star began by stating that the reason why one will listen to the radio or go to a concert is to escape from the torturous negativities of every day life. Cheers began to run amuck as Swift continued to name incidents of such trials. The singer used the examples of certain co-workers giving one problems or the infamous groups of people that talk about someone behind their back. The star even made use of the word “frenemies” referring to individuals who deem themselves one’s friend, but are, in truth, an enemy.

Swift continued her rant by letting the audience know she understands those problems, insinuating that she, herself, experiences many of these issues in her own life. The singer then ties in her song’s title and tells the audience to just “shake it off”. Before beginning to break into song and dance, the star instructs her fans to dance like no one is watching and to simply enjoy life in the present moment. Swift then gives a full-out performance of the popular number and closes by giving the music fans of Los Angeles a “Goodnight!”

It is refreshing to see the likes of mega stars like Taylor Swift explaining what music truly means to them at such beneficial events like the Hollywood Bowl We Can Survive concert. This act goes to show that not all of Hollywood’s A-List is corrupt in the ways many casual viewers deem them to be. Swift’s performance at the concert can be viewed below.

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