Taylor Swift Is Scared to Death of Sea Urchins [Video]


Music mega star Taylor Swift recently made a guest appearance on The Ellen Show and proved to tell the host, Ellen DeGeneres, that she is scared to death of sea urchins. DeGeneres and a majority of the audience found the irrational fear to be rather comical, but the singer was 100 percent serious in every aspect of the matter.

Swift rose to fame as a teenage country singer with a self-titled album that reached a wide array of audiences. The original album included hit singles such as “Teardrops On My Guitar” and “Our Song” and proved very popular amongst the teenage and young adult community. Since the musician has reached the forefront of the Hollywood limelight, the world has seen Swift grow up before their eyes. Not only has the singer grown as a person, but her music has grown with her as her country sound has gradually transformed into pop.

Former albums of Swift’s such as Red featured a pleasant blend of country and pop music, but with the release of her latest endeavor, titled 1989, the musician has transformed fully into a pop star with no more hints of the earlier country twang. The latest hit single “Shake It Off” was released this summer and introduced Swift as a new type of performer, one that is now a very seasoned veteran and has the world of Hollywood at her fingertips.

The musician has always portrayed a somewhat youthful energy and presence in interviews and similar mediums and the events that occurred recently on The Ellen Show seem to reveal the same Taylor Swift personality that audiences originally fell in love with. The singer stated her horrific fear of sea urchins on the talk show, comparing the creatures to a grenade. She continued to add to her statement by saying that if one steps on one the spiny critters it can impale a person’s leg or arm. The musician even went as far as to say that someone could lose a limb from the aftermath of an encounter with a sea urchin.

DeGeneres found Swift’s stand on the matter rather amusing and pulled out her very own set of information which stated that sea urchins only injure or puncture one and can cause swelling and redness if stepped upon, deflating the singer’s dramatic explanation. Even though she was slightly proven wrong, Swift made a very humorous remark by asking DeGeneres if the swelling and redness was still something that she wanted to experience. The host and the audience joined in laughter by the singer’s retort.

The interview continued by moving on to another irrational fear of Swift’s. DeGeneres states that she heard the singer is afraid of getting arrested. The singer explained that she is scared of getting framed for something and then getting arrested. She provided an example by stating that so many false press is released about her and any minute an article could be published saying that she has committed murder. The singer continues by saying that she fears she would get arrested for something like that when, in truth, she was just sitting at home petting her cats.

Audiences now know that Taylor Swift is scared to death of sea urchins and getting arrested after being framed – a rather unique set of fears, indeed. The singer’s new album 1989 will be released on Oct. 27, 2014.

By Cody Collier

NY Times
Us Weekly

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