Haven: Nowhere Man (Recap/Review)

havenFirst six episodes of Haven were a roller coaster ride, as several attempts to bring back Audrey Parker failed. However, in the previous episode, Duke and Nathan finally succeeded and things are about to get turned upside down in Haven, since both Mara and Audrey are sticking around. Well, at least for now.

After Audrey is finally back, Nathan and Duke have no idea what happened, since it was supposed to be a reincarnation and not a cloning trouble. However, despite the fact that they would all like to get rid of Mara, it is still unclear if she is connected to Audrey. Duke tries to get some answers from Mara, but she tells him that she will share everything that she knows with him if he gives her the Crocker family journal. Duke refuses, since he is convinced that he will find a way to see if Audrey and Mara are connected or not.

Nathan and Audrey are spending some alone time together and he admits that he does not feel her any more. It appears that Parker lost her immunity to the troubles, but she is glad that she is her own person now. Their conversation is interrupted since there is case waiting for Nathan, however, Audrey insists on joining him, because she believes that solving a trouble is the best way to prove everyone that she is Audrey again.

Apparently, there is an incineration trouble in Haven and the only thing that it leaves behind is a shadow of the victim. Nathan goes to the Haven Farmers Market, since all three victims were there just before they died. Since Audrey was not accepted well and Nathan told her that it is better if she sits this case out, he calls her to fill her in. However, after a burst of light, Wuornos disappears and the only thing that is left behind is his shadow on the floor. He soon realizes that he is a ghost and while he walks around Haven, he stumbles upon a man, who is convinced that they are both dead. Well, Nathan has a plan and he is certain that he will find a way to speak to Audrey and let her know that he is still alive.

Meanwhile, Audrey is trying to solve the incineration trouble, because she believes that if she does, Nathan can be saved. She is following one of Nathan’s prime suspects, however, he also disappears after a burst of light and Parker is then kidnapped by the guards, who want her to fix their troubles. Nathan sees that, but he cannot help her. Since Mara is immune to the troubles, she actually can see Wuornos, but she refuses to help him. However, after Duke finds out that Audrey was kidnapped, he tells Mara that he will trade her for Audrey, despite the fact that they might be connected. After Nathan really pisses her of, Mara screams back at him and Duke finally finds out that Nathan is still alive and well. Surprisingly, Mara does help Nathan to give Duke Audrey’s location and they manage to save her.

Later that day, Mara tells Duke that she and Audrey are not connected, but they apparently still need her around, because she is immune to the troubles and she is the only one who can speak to Nathan. Well, it is only a matter of time before Duke remembers the guy with the talking-to-the-dead-guys trouble and if he releases it, than Crocker and Wuornos will be able to communicate and figure out this whole incineration trouble.

Haven‘s seventh episode, titled Nowhere Man, closes with Nathan, who finds one of his ghost friends dead at the cemetery. Apparently, even ghosts can die. Despite the fact that Audrey and Nathan got separated almost immediately after they finally reunited, this new incineration trouble is quite exciting and it surely added some fresh breeze to the show.

By: Janette Verdnik


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