Haven: The Old Switcheroo, Part 2 (Recap/Review)

HavenHaven is continuing with its very successful season five and there is only one thing to say about The Old Switcheroo: Part 2 episode. Welcome back, Audrey Parker.

After Duke an Nathan switched bodies in Haven‘s previous episode, they are now making a plan to use the switch into their advantage. Since Mara does not know that they know that she is pretending, they could use the switch to come at her from different angles, trip Mara up and get Audrey to come out for real. However, Duke’s condition is getting worse and he has to release a trouble or else his body will explode.

While Nathan and Duke are working on their new plan, Crocker starts bleeding from his eyes. When Nathan warns Duke that the blood must not touch the ground, because he will release a trouble, Wuornos comes up with an idea to find a trouble, which will actually help them. Duke remembers that his great-grandfather killed a guy with a reincarnation trouble, which caused different past lives coming out. Duke could bleed on the ground, release that particular trouble and then they could use it on Mara to get Audrey out. However, Nathan says that this will not work, because Mara is immune to the troubles. Well, the question is if Mara is immune to Duke’s troubles, since she did not understand him when Crocker had his gibberish trouble. If she was in fact immune, she should have been able to understand Duke. It looks like Mara does not know what these troubles inside Duke are capable of.

Vince and Dave decide to pay another visit to Allison Dooham, since she was not completely honest with them. They ask her why did she lie to them, since her brother in-law was hospitalized in Haven’s psychiatric facility. Allison finally starts telling the truth and she confesses that Jeffery is actually Skip, her husband, and they switched years ago. After Allison married Skip, she eventually found out that he was lying and cheating on her. Jeffrey confronted him, because he was obviously in love with Allison. However, when he confronted his brother, something happened and that triggered the switch. Allison then put Skip into Haven’s mental hospital, because her mother always told her that Haven was a safe place for the troubled. Vince and Dave come up with a plan, because they believe that if they somehow manage to get Jeffrey and Skip together, the switching trouble can be stopped.

Back at the Haven’s mental hospital, Nathan locks Duke and Mara into a room and she completely freaks out. Duke cuts his hand and touches the ground, but Mara starts smiling in a very freaky way. She tells him that he cannot do it, because he is not strong enough. Nathan comes in, to encourage Duke, however, two orderlies come into the room and Mara uses the situation into her own advantage. She starts lying that Nathan cut Duke and he also wanted to hurt her. Furthermore, she shows her badge and she pretends to be Audrey Parker. Mara makes a big mess and eventually, Duke and Nathan end up being locked in that room and Mara manages to escape.

Dwight and Gloria intercept Jeffrey at the train station, however, Mara shows up. She shots Dwight and escapes with Jeffery, well Skip actually. It appears that because he is trouble active, Mara plans on buying time with Jeffery. She wants to wait for Duke to explode, since that means that both he and Nathan will die. And in order for that to happen, they must not switch back, since Duke is in fact capable of releasing the trouble by himself and he only failed because Nathan is in his body. However, Mara plans on keeping Jeffrey hidden, so that the switching trouble remains active.

Meanwhile, Vince and Dave visit Skip. Allison’s husband thinks that the two brothers could switch back if he touches them both at the same time. However, the experiment fails. Vince tells Skip that the trouble could be stopped if he comes to Haven and visits his brother, but Skip says that he cannot face his brother after all these years. Vince and Dave are trying to persuade him, however, as they follow him to the house, the Thinny starts pulling Vince in. Dave tries to pull his brother back and Skip decides to help too. Together, they manage to save Vince and Skip now decides to go to Haven with them. As they are all driving back to Haven, Vince gets a flashback. He is chasing someone in the woods and when he catches up on that person, he sees a tree and a word Croatoan carved into it. Vince loses control over the viechle and they crash into a tree.

After Nathan manages to get him and Duke released from that room, they are all back at the Grey Gull, including Mara, who is coved onto a bed again. Outside the Gull, Jeffery is waiting for his brother and when Skip finally arrives there, the two of them hug each other and their trouble immediately stops. People are soon switched back, however, Mara is still confident that Duke’s trouble will not work on her.

Dave is in the hospital in Haven, after he only suffered some minor injuries in the car accident. Allison pays him a visit and she apologizes to both him and Vince for lying. She tells them that the version of the story about the Roanoke colony that she shared with them is not entirely true. After she tells them the real story, it becomes obvious that the incident with the lost time also happened at the Roanoke colony. Allison asks Dave how did he get her address, since there are no records that any baby was put into adoption back then. As Vince shows her Dave’s adoption file, she recognizes Agent Howard, who apparently wanted to buy their house 10 years ago.

After Allison leaves, Vince confronts his brother, since he still does not know what secret caused their switch. Dave tells him that the incident with the lost time happened in Haven once before, 30 years ago. Vince immediately connects the dots and realizes that this happened on the day that the Colorado Kid died. Dave tells his brother that he was pulled into the void and then he woke up on the beach. However, he did not tell his brother that the Colorado Kid was lying there beside him, dead. So ever since, Dave has been wondering if he is the one who killed the Colorado Kid.

Back at the Gull, Nathan tells Duke that it is time. Duke cuts his hand and drops of his blood start falling to the floor. As Crocker releases the trouble, an explosion happens. However, it looks like their plan failed, since Mara starts laughing very creepily again. Nathan looks devastated, but he soon hears someone breathing behind the counter. As he approaches, a naked woman is lying on the floor. She starts getting up slowly and Nathan is overjoyed when he sees that the woman is no one else than Audrey Parker.

Well, the highly anticipated moment finally happened. Audrey Parker is back and things in Haven will probably become very complicated, since Mara is still there. However, Audrey now knows a lot more about Mara, because she was trapped inside her head for quite some time. This may turn the tables around in the upcoming episodes of Haven and help the gang to finally end the troubles.

By: Janette Verdnik


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