Haven: The Old Switcheroo, Part 1 (Recap/Review)

HavenThings are really heating up in Haven and despite the fact that Audrey is still trapped inside Mara, Nathan is not giving up on her. The Old Switcheroo: Part 1 episode brought a whole new and actually quite funny trouble.

Nathan and Duke brought Mara to the Grey Gull, after they successfully reached Audrey in the previous episode. However, since Parker never manages to stay for more than just a few moments, the old Haven sheriff still keeps on trying to find a way to get Audrey back forever. Once again, he is trying to reach Audrey with pancakes, but Mara now knows what his plan is, so she is defending quite successfully. On the other hand, Duke is not as patient as Nathan, so he loses it on Mara and he and Wuornos have a little talk about going further with the plan. Since Mara knows why they are all treating her as Audrey, they have to do it in a way that she will not realize what is actually going on. So, Nathan decides that he will put her on a case, because Audrey was the best at solving the troubles.

Meanwhile, Vince travels to North Carolina, because he wants to find out more about Dave’s origin. He follows the lead and he finds a place, called the Croatoan Café. There is also a historian society in there, so Vince takes a look at some of the books in the library. The Café owner, Allison Doohan approaches him and tells him about the legend of this town. It is believed that this was once the lost English colony, called Roanoke, which was wiped out and the only thing that was left was the word Croatoan, carved onto a tree.

Back in Haven, Dave just bought coffee for him and his brother, however, he does not know that Vince is out of town. In the next moment, Dave loses control over his body and the next thing he knows, he is standing in the middle of the Croatoan Café. However, he is in Vince’s body now and it seems like the two of them switched bodies.

Nathan and Mara arrive to the Frederickson’s mental hospital in Haven, where another incident with the switching occurred. However, they have two dead bodies now and no one has any idea who is causing this trouble. Inside the hospital, Gloria and Dwight also switch bodies. Nathan successfully persuades Dwight to allow Mara to be on the case and as he is questioning a witness, Audrey comes back again. She tells Wuornos that he must keep doing everything in order to bring her back for good.

Vince, who is actually Dave now, finds an address, written in Dave’s adoption file. However, he is very surprised when he finds out that this house belongs to the owner of the Croatoan Café, Allison Doohan and her husband. Dave explains where he found this address, but Allison tells him that this property has been in her family’s possession for decades. Dave decides that he will dig no further, so he leaves.

Duke is not feeling very well and Nathan believes that he should get a trouble out, before he gets worse. However, their conversation is interrupted by Audrey, who apparently resurfaces easier when Mara is asleep. She tells Nathan that people in Haven get switched with someone who they have a big secret with. Parker says that Mara is becoming very suspicious and that it is better if she is not working on the case anymore. However, Audrey suggests that Duke should stay with Mara, while Nathan tries to find out more about the switching trouble.

Back at the Croatoan Café, Vince sneaks into Allison’s office and as he types her address into the computer, he sees a piece of paper with a number written. He writes the number on his hand and when he meets up with Dave, he tells his brother that this number has the Haven area code. Together, they dial the number and they are shocked when they find out that this is the number of the Freddy’s mental hospital in Haven. Vince and Dave decide to finally let people in Haven know what is going on and as they call Dwight, they ask him to check out if any of the patients is somehow connected to this town.

Duke and Mara are having a conversation at the Gull and he is asks her if she remembers the day they met. Mara starts remembering things and in the next moment, Audrey comes back. When they start talking about Colorado, Parker asks Crocker why did he stop kissing her then, since she had a feeling that they had something. But she never gets her answer, since Duke and Nathan change their bodies. Duke is now at the Haven’s mental hospital, because Nathan was there to see Jeffrey Doohan, who seems to be related to Alison’s husband. So Wuornos is with Parker at the Gull now and as she continues the conversation about the kiss, Nathan finally finds out the truth. However, he receives Duke’s call, who tells the Haven’s ex-sheriff that this is still Mara and that she is only pretending to be Audrey, because she wants to gain their trust so that they will free her from the coves. Duke tells Nathan that the kiss in Colorado meant nothing and that he must trust him, because Mara has been pretending since the moment she started working on the case with Nathan.

Dave and Vince decide to pay another visit to Allison, however, Vince starts feeling very strange when they come near the house. He is feeling woozy and his ears are ringing. Dave asks him if the ringing sounds like the water tricking downhill and Vince replies that this is exactly how it sounds. In that moment, Dave realizes that this is the same sound that he heard back in the cave. They seem to be walking towards an open Thinny and Vince tells Dave that it wants him back.

The Old Switcheroo: Part 1 most definitely offered one of the coolest and funniest troubles. The moments between Dwight and Gloria were great and the show’s tense atmosphere got a little lighter, thanks to those two. And despite the fact that the viewers are anxiously waiting for Audrey to return, Haven keeps on producing interesting and intriguing content with some very much wanted appearances of Parker.

By: Janette Verdnik

Guardian Liberty Voice

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