Brazil Election Coming to End While Supermodels and Soccer Players Endorse

Brazil Election

In the country with the seventh largest economy, according to sources, Brazil is seeing major endorsements from supermodels and soccer players with various nationalities, as the race in the Brazil election continues to gain major coverage. Though debates on who will win have actually favored both sides, it looked as if the race was just too close to call. For this the major players have stepped, in hoping to sway voters opinions to one side or the other but it seems that these supermodels and sports players are only working to sway votes for one side: vote for Neves.

Recently it seemed that the Brazil election, that is set to end Sunday and with the ballots that had been received, so far, was too close to call, as they work to try and give voters an idea of who would win. The race this time is between Aecio Neves and Dilma Rousseff, two candidates who have worked to gain endorsements from various people. However, in the most recent media coverage it seems that Neves is winning in that category as apparently he has soccer player Neymar, supermodel Naomi Campbell, and actor Danny Glover on his side.

Neymar recently released a video telling voters that he was in favor of Neves because he could “identify…with his proposal for Brazil.” Neymar let the tears run as he broadcasted the video on YouTube, which, as sources say, looked a lot like his video over the pain of having to leave the world cup after a back injury in which he also had inspiration for tears. Naomi Campbell and Danny Glover, who are not of Brazil and therefore have no right to vote in the Brazil election, have also been seen endorsing Neves in the Brazil election, making statements that they, too, support Neves over Rousseff.

Though Rousseff has also had celebrity endorsement from people like musician and singer Chico Buaraque, being the first female president of a country should speak for itself. Rousseff may not need much celebrity endorsement, as she has made many accomplishments that bring favor with some voters, but it is a good thing as she has not had as much celebrity endorsement in this campaign as Neves apparently has.

But in the end, as the Brazil election comes to an end, it is really the voters opinion that counts, rather than the celebrities. In the polls and coverage surrounding the election voters have seemed to find favor with both candidates, showing a race that was really close. According to a recent post on the New York Times, Neves is now winning by a landslide. They state that Neves has now risen above Rousseff, mostly because his decision in who to choose for finance manager, and their combined decision to make the Brazilian economy a pro-market, pro-growth economy.

Rousseff, who in her recent term has caused inflation and kept the economy at a slow, but positive state, took the opposite approach showing voters, in her debates, that she planned on still implementing the protection policies which she began implementing in her first term. Though it looked as if that Rousseff was going to win the vote, as polls showed in the beginning, sources say now that that may not actually be the case.

Marina Silva, was in the race at first, though she did not make it to the final vote, and is now actually backing Neves in the Brazil election, giving him another edge in addition to his supermodel and soccer player endorsements.

By Crystal Boulware


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