Netflix Gives Green Light to ‘F Is For Family’

NetflixNetflix has given the green light to a new animated series called F Is F or Family. The short series is slated to run for six half-hour long episodes, and will be released for streaming audiences in 2015.

Bill Burr, Justin Long, and Laura Dern are among the actors recruited to voice the characters in this animated Netflix Original. Actor and producer Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Television is responsible for the production of F Is For Family, along with Gaumont International Television. Based in France, Gaumont is behind other Netflix series, such as Hemlock Grove, and another drama that is currently in production, Narcos. Peter Billingsley, better known as A Christmas Story’s Ralphie or as the executive producer behind 2008’s Iron Man, is another of the show’s executive producers alongside Burr and Vaughn.

This will be Wild West Television’s second series, the first of which airs on TBS and is called Sullivan & Son. This will be a second for Netflix, also; Netflix released its flagship animated series, Bojack Horseman, in August 2014.

The series will be spearheaded by Michael Price, who won an Emmy for his work on The Simpsons as a writer and producer. The show was created by Burr, and is based on his incensed comedy. F Is For Family will chronicle the adventures of the Murphy clan. Set in the 70s, Burr will be the voice of father figure Frank Murphy, and the show will chronicle a time in American history with very different rules about life and family relationships.

Netflix has reported that Burr’s comedy specials, available on Netflix to stream, have been “wildly popular” for their audiences on a worldwide scale. The streaming media giant is presently in the middle of a year-long push for Netflix sponsored comedy specials. The roster for these standup specials includes Australian comic Jim Jeffries, Chelsea Peretti of Brooklyn 99, the legendary Bill Cosby, Chelsea Handler and, of course, Bill Burr.

Comedian Bill Burr has had walk-on roles in movies such as Date Night, Standup Guys, The Heat, and is recognized by audiences for his recurring role on the Emmy award-winning series Breaking Bad and the popular sketch comedy program Kroll Show. His latest standup special will premiere on Netflix December 5, and follows his Why Do I Do This, Let it Go, and You People Are All the Same standup. His take on the day-to-day comedy of the average American has been called “infectious and relatable” by GIT CEO Katie O’Connell.

Actor and writer Justin Long will join the cast of F Is For Family as the eldest Murphy son, Kevin. Long has several films in production for 2014, and has been visible in a number of television series and film roles in the past year or more. Long had a recurring role on the Fox sitcom New Girl as well as Mom on CBS, appeared in Movie 43, and is currently in the process of filming Yoga Hosers, which will star Johnny Depp, Haley Joel Osment, and Adam Brody.

Actress Laura Dern, who will play wife and mother Sue Murphy in F Is For Family, is best known for her role as Dr. Ellie Sattler in the blockbuster film Jurassic Park. Dern was recently billed in A Fault in Our Stars, and in addition to her work on the HBO series Enlightened, the actress recently appeared on Comedy Central’s Drunk History and in several films.

Burr, according to a statement provided by Netflix, is looking forward to the show. Bill Burr has drawn on his personal history and memories to produce what he hopes to be a hilarious account of the characters from his childhood.

Fans can look forward to following the adventures of the Murphy family on F Is For Family from Netflix sometime in 2015. No firm dates for the show’s airing have been announced at this time.

By Mariah Beckman

Entertainment Weekly

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