Taylor Swift: ‘Out of the Woods’ Latest Number One From ‘1989’ [Audio]

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Out of the Woods is the latest single released from the Taylor Swift album, 1989, and it has already hit number one on iTunes. Her fans have been on social media talking about it and how great it is and wondering if it might be about her old boyfriend, Harry Styles. It is pretty obvious that it is, to an extent, as it even references in one line a time when Swift was in a snowmobiling accident and got “twenty stitches in a hospital room.” However, it is more than that, representing a sort of Everyman sort of boyfriend, a relationship that was, and recovering from a break-up.

The number one song on iTunes before Out of the Woods replaced it was — anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? It was another Taylor Swift song, the first one released from 1989, the immensely popular hit Shake It Off.

Possibly Aaron Carter was right when he suggested that Taylor Swift will go back to singing country music. However, 1989 is a fun, entertaining album, and Taylor Swift certainly seems to be enjoying herself as she sings songs from it. Whether it is for a moment or for the next few years, Swift has embraced her Inner Pop Goddess for the Now, at any rate.

Though Shake It Off is an infectious hit, it is not, according to an article at ThinkProgress.org, one that has very much to do with her own life. While Swift has a co-writing credit on the song, the main writers of it were Max Martin and Shellback. Not that many of her fans seem to care — Taylor Swift is such a talented young artist, she can seemingly master any genre of music and make it her own. More power to her!

Out of the Woods seems to have more of Taylor Swift’s stamp to it, though Swift co-wrote it with fun.’s Jack Antonoff. There is extensive use made of a drum-machine, and her persona as someone who goes through a romantic break-up echoes back to much of her past work. The song is sung in the past tense, like many of her most popular songs. Taylor is apparently looking back on her somewhat recent past with Out of the Woods, like a memory of what happened to someone else, though it still haunts her.

Even fans who like Taylor Swift’s country albums as opposed to the direction she seems to be taking with 1989 will probably find reasons to like the song Out of the Woods. It has some of the familiar themes of many of Swift’s songs, remembering about the past, a love that was, singing about a person who was, in the words of Out of the Woods, “so casually cruel in the name of being honest.”

It was just this last Monday that Taylor Swift regaled the world with a 30-second taste of Out of the Woods. That was more than enough to create an immediate buzz in the Internet’s Taylor-verse. Now, the entire song has been released, and already Taylor Swift fans have ensured its success by making it hit number one on iTunes. Not bad for a song that Swift had wanted to release, but more so because it represented the sound of the entire album 1989 rather than because she thought it might become the second number one song from the album. On Tuesday morning, Out of the Woods hit the number one spot on the iTunes charts. Congrats, Taylor!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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