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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I Will Face My Enemy (Recap and Review)


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I Will Face My Enemy (Recap and Review)

In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week, I Will Face My Enemy sees HYDRA leap out of the shadows and attempt to take Coulson and his gang on through a combination of technological subterfuge and sabotage. At the start of the episode a church is gutted by fire with only one religious painting surviving unscathed. On the back of the over 500 year old relic is the same sort of alien writing that Phil has been occasionally carving on walls.

May and Coulson get into a fundraiser for the church courtesy of Skye and Hunter. Mack hints that he is still ready to tinker on Lola and Phil continues to say no. While Coulson and May are undercover, the rest of the team are shocked to hear the usually stoic Agent Melinda May laughing. Skye actually asks if she is okay. The two agents reminisce about the old days when they used to work together in the field.

As the couple dance, they not only check out the security at the function, but Phil continues to pressure May into coming up with a plan if he starts to become another “Garrett.” While discussing this, May spots Brigadier General Talbot and Phil says, “There goes our cover.” He approaches the General and they talk. Coulson thanks Talbot for not blowing his cover and the general says that he will not unless he feels he needs to.

Agents Mack, Hunter, Triplett and Skye are bonding back at the bus when Phil calls to tell them about Talbot. Coulson tells them that they are moving now to collect the painting. As May’s husband Charles, Phil takes a picture of their host’s retina’s and the couple go down to collect the painting. Once they get past security, the two agents find that the painting is gone; collected, they believe, by the general already.

In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I Will Face My Enemy it turns out that “Talbot” is working for Dr. Whitehall from HYDRA and that the general is really Bakshi using technology that not only changes his face to look like Talbot, but he can also sound like the man. The same “mask” is used to allow a turned Agent 33 to impersonate Agent May later.

Bakshi/Talbot approaches May and Phil to set them up using the painting as bait. Melinda May goes to check out the Hotel where they are to meet the “general” later. The agents back at the bus continue bonding and Fitz stands on the sidelines while Simmons tells him to join in. May gets jumped at the hotel room and Agent 33 takes her face and returns to the plane to sabotage their base and return Coulson into the HYDRA trap.

On the way back to the hotel, Phil realises that May is not May after all, especially when his old colleague agrees to get a coffee with him later. Once he rumbles the decoy, Coulson punches her in the face and the real May, who did indeed kick Bakshi’s butt as promised, comes out for a little Agent May violence against Agent 33 who looks like May. Perhaps the highlight of the season this year.

Back at the bus, Fitz saves the day by using the non technical Hunter to stop the virus that Agent 33 uploaded into the plane and as the three celebrate, he begins bonding with Mack and Lance over a beer and Simmons disappears. After defeating the two HYDRA agents, the painting is researched and the alien drawing turns out to be less than 500 years old.

The end of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I Will Face My Enemy sees Raina being paid a visit by Dr. Whitehall who gives her 48 hours to return his obelisk. Phil finally gets May to agree to kill him if he goes all “Garrett” but only after Melinda May reveals that she had already planned to take him away from the situation if he turned, a real heartwarming moment. Coulson has a chat with Talbot about the painting and tells the general about the mask. The most disturbing thing discovered is that someone else is out there carving the alien writing, just like Phil. While there were no cameos this week from the big screen, the show is turning up the HYDRA heat and previews of next week’s show appears to show Simmons in dire circumstances and Skye meeting her father. Phil is very concerned that he is getting worse and it will be horrible if May has to shoot Coulson in the head.

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