Lady Gaga Is Getting Married?


Pop music superstar and high fashion designer Lady Gaga has risen to the spotlight again, this time for her personal life including reports of the singer getting married in the near future. The star and her long-time boyfriend, Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney, reportedly held a private commitment ceremony composed of an audience of close family and friends only.

The alleged ceremony took place in Manhattan, New York at the restaurant of Gaga’s parents, Joanne Trattoria. The couple has not been announced as legally wed to one another as the ceremony was arranged simply to display the singer and the actor’s level of love and commitment to each other. It has been stated that neither performer has enough time to plan out a full-on luxurious wedding at the moment, but now that they have expressed true commitment, Gaga and Kinney reportedly plan to conduct their official wedding sometime in 2015.

Fellow Chicago Fire actress, Sophia Bush, took to Instagram last September to post a photo featuring Kinney donning a certain metallic band around his finger. Bush used the hashtags #ThatsHisPersonalRing and #NotForTheShow in her post which implies that Kinney may have been either engaged or even become Mr. Gaga already. With the recent reports of the commitment ceremony, the ring was most likely intended for an engagement.

Gaga has not been seen sporting such a ring yet, but then again, the pop star is known for wearing extremely unorthodox outfits and accessories so the singer may not have had room on her fingers for an engagement ring. Favoring a flair for the dramatic, Gaga will undoubtedly don herself in an extremely extravagant wedding gown when the time comes for the star to walk down the aisle.

The singer recently released a duet album alongside renown musician Tony Bennett entitled Cheek to Cheek. Upon the album’s release earlier this fall season, the title rose to the top of the Billboard Top 200 in addition to topping the jazz music charts. The duo released their first single from the album in July, a cover of Anything Goes from the original 1934 Broadway musical of the same name. A second single I Can’t Give You Anything But Love followed in August and video of the recording session of their version of Bing Crosby’s But Beautiful was recently released as well.

Gaga has been touring the world, promoting her latest solo album ARTPOP. The singer has entitled her musical tour as ArtRave: The ARTPOP Ball and has recently wrapped up her performances in venues throughout America. Gaga will be touring overseas, singing, dancing and “art-popping” through the month of November. The singer’s alleged fiancé is having his fair taste of success as well. Chicago Fire is currently in the middle of its third season on NBC.

The reports of Lady Gaga planning to get married to Taylor Kinney are all but confirmed. Perhaps a new move in Gaga’s personal life such as this will bring new inspirations to the artist’s work, garnering a larger audience and continuing to allow her artistic successes to shine brightly throughout the world.

By Cody Collier

Refinery 29
Music Times

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