Taylor Swift Reveals Lyrics and Their Meanings to Jimmy Kimmel [Video]

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift is making the rounds promoting her newest album 1989, and made a stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the lyrics she has been revealing on Instagram. The pop diva has soared to the top of the charts with her hit Shake It Off, and will even be singing it live on the Ellen DeGeneres show next week. The album is due to be released next week, and the singer and her management team have been scrambling to contain multiple music sites from posting bootleg songs from Swifts newest album.

Taylor SwiftThe songstress has been posting snippets of song lyrics on Instagram and Kimmel goes through a few of them, trying to guess what they might mean. Swift is stunning and refreshing in her down to earth tone, on her creative process for coming up with lyrics. The video below shows her and the late night host chatting it up about lyrics, and her recent release in Canada that went viral immediately. It is not what one might think, but let’s have Taylor Swift tell the story, just as she tells about her thought process when writing song lyrics.

The promotion for 1989 has been saturating the market, with the singer blazing a trail across the U.S. talking about its imminent release. Already a song hit YouTube last Friday, which was pulled down immediately. The leak seems to stem from Target stores, as the songs that keep popping up on-line were made for the stores own edition. Stands to reason that hackers may have targeted the superstore just to tap into the superstars songs, and to release them onto the internet trying to take the steam out of the official launch date. In 2012 Swift had an album leaked in its entirety, however, this did not derail the sales, and may have only helped them.

Jimmy Kimmel also brought up the fact that Swift came to his show at 14-years-old and tried to get an audition, but was sent away by his person who books the musical acts. Scott Igoe is still with the show, and states that it did indeed happen, but not quite so harshly as the host eluded too. Swift stated that she only vaguely remembers the audition, but states that it all ended up great in the end. Seeing as she won a Grammy at just 18-years-old fans believe that she did indeed end up just fine.

Blessed with an attentive mother, and a successful father, Swift grew up having values and morals instilled into her from a young age. The family vacationed in Stone Harbor New Jersey, where the mega star states that some of her fondest childhood memories were made. She is also an accomplished horse woman and even competed in horse shows, until at the ripe old age of nine, her interests turned to music. Her elegance, beauty and intelligence is not lost on her fans, and Rolling Stone magazine reported that she has one of the most dedicated fan bases they have ever seen.

by Kristi Cereska

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