Taylor Swift Will Return to Country, Aaron Carter Says

Taylor Swift

Aaron Carter says that Taylor Swift will return to country. She will realize just how much country suited her style and how good the genre was to her, and will go back to her roots. In fact, he is so certain that he is talking about doing a switch to the genre, too.

Carter spoke about the move with 92.9 The Bull, and discussed his own music career and where he thinks others will go in the future. Swift came up, considering recently she announced that she was leaving country behind and moving towards the pop scene. Her new album in August hinted towards the move, but she confirmed it at the start of the month.

Nashville is behind the 24-year-old singer. Country singers around the country stood by her, and accepted that she needs to try something new. She wants to push herself, and moving towards the pop scene is the way to do that. However, Carter does not think it will last. He is certain that she will decide to make a move back to country music later. She will realize just how much she loves the country scene.

Swift is not the first singer to make a move from country to pop. Shania Twain made the decision to switch during the 1990s. She was one of the first country acts to make the switch, and did it successfully for some time. Twain is now back in the studio, after focusing on her personal life.

Carter is so certain that Swift will return to country music, because he is considering the move too. It seems he wants to try something different, and realizes that country has a certain grace to it. He also enjoys the music, and has enjoyed working on his recent album.

At the moment, though, he is happy to stick to the pop scene. However, he does have an album with a country sound ready to go. It could be that he is gently working into the country scene, possibly with the hope of bringing his current fans across, as well as gaining new fans around Nashville and other areas.

The move to country will not happen for some time. He wants to do it when he is a little older, although has not given a definite timeframe. All he knows right now is that this is something that he wants to do.

He was asked whether this was a nerve-wracking thing for him to do. However, he admitted that he is from as far south as one can get in the United States, by being from The Keys. It was almost like he was indicating that country music is in his blood because of that, despite always going the pop route with his music.

The question is whether Swift agrees with the notion of going back to country music. Right now, she is set on becoming a pop artist, because she is sure she will find it more challenging. She never did say that she was leaving country behind for good, but that he wanted to push herself right now. Carter could be right when he said that Swift would return to country music.

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