Chris Brown ‘Ebola Population Control’ Outburst Causes Anger


U.S. rapper Chris Brown has caused anger on the Internet by allegedly stating in an outburst that the spreading of Ebola is ‘population control’. His scandalous tweet comes just as the epidemic’s death count increases to over the 4000 mark and starts to move around the globe. There are now possible cases in the United States, Australia and Spain.

Brown supposedly put up on his Twitter account that he had no idea what was going on but that he thought the Ebola epidemic was a form of population control. Sh*t was starting to get crazy, he added. It was approximately three to four minutes later when he must have felt he made a mistake in tweeting what he did because he next tweeted that he needed to “shut my black ass up.”

However, the rapper must have decided to sleep on all of what he wrote because it was nearly 20 hours later that Chris was again on Twitter. This time he sent out a tweet that stated he felt that everybody taking offence to his first tweet has been the wrong thing to do. He sent out a third Twitter message that basically stated Chris says what he wants to say and if the person reading his tweet does not like it, then he or she can “suck my a**.

Brown has not ever deleted any of the tweets he posted, which now have over 45,000 retweets and 35,000 favorites collectively. Even so, Brown proceeded to get himself into trouble by tweeting what he did. It appeared that the singer of Loyal ought to start learning how to keep some of his ideas and opinions to himself the next time.

This outbreak has come only months after Chris was let out of prison. He had been in the penitentiary due to the fact that he attacked his girlfriend at the time Rihanna. Sometimes people use laughter to try and deal with some of the most frightening things happening in the world right now, but there are some places that should never be crossed, and Ebola is probably one of those places at this moment in time.

However, Brown can create controversy with only one or two tweets. Some people believe that Chris, age 25, was sharing his own personal viewpoint on the disease, while others think Brown was attempting to be humorous.  Either way he was going, he is not very well liked on this planet, and he was going to get criticized for what he said. He also ignited severe anger from individuals who are greatly troubled by the virus. He attempted to backtrack on what he tweeted and told himself to shut up but that did not last.

In the meantime, other celebrities have tried using comedy to talk about the seriousness around Ebola.  Humorist Sarah Silverman jested about it when she appeared on Saturday Night Live. She made it into an idea for a new film called The Fault in Our Ebola. Of course a lot of people felt that was about as amusing as Chris stating that the spreading of Ebola was ‘population control’.

By Kimberly Ruble


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