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Castle Episode Three Early Halloween Special


Castle Episode Three Early Halloween Special

This week’s episode of Castle, Clear & Present Danger started off like an early Halloween special hinting at deals with the devil and the invisible man. So a combination of supernatural and science fiction was on offer which then segued into scientific territory. At the start of the episode, this show’s victim was in the middle of playing pool when something invisible attacked him and pushed a broken pool cue through his chest.

This intro, took place just before Rick and Kate were attempting to get romantic, the first time since his disappearance, and their journey into the bedroom is interrupted by the phone call reporting the murder.

The victim, a pool hustler named William Fairwick, worked at an insurance company by day and hustled wall street types at night. Fairwick’s neighbor, Henry Wright, shows up mid investigation and tells Castle and Beckett where William spent his time fleecing the unwary well-to-do at pool. Speaking to the establishment’s owner, Kate and Rick learn that the victim said he got his pool skills from the devil and his time was up.

The episode was a return to the “fun” type of episodes where Castle imagines more fanciful theories which included the devil and later the invisible man. Of course now Beckett does not react angrily to Rick’s outlandish ideas on who murdered the insurance man/pool hustler. One thing that helps Castle’s theory is the DVD copy of the building’s security tape which shows something invisible leaving Fairwick’s apartment after the murder.

More evidence is uncovered that indicates website millionaire Tom Talmadge was attacked by something invisible and the murdered man saved Talmadge’s life. So far so Halloween special, as this episode seemed to point to a supernatural villain in Castle. When Kate and Rick go to have another look at the DVD, which is now missing, the writer decides that the devil is not the main suspect. Now Rick believes it is the invisible man.

Tracking down the evidence, which includes an insurance company job that does not seem to really exist and a plethora of phone calls to a biology professor at Hudson University, the couple still have not had a chance to get romantic. When the two are attacked in Fairwick’s apartment by an assailant they cannot see, Rick is convinced that the murderer really is the invisible man and Kate cannot really argue against his latest theory.

As the plot thickens, and during the apartment attack, a huge clue is evident in the music during the invisible action. Listening carefully one can hear something in the score that sounds suspiciously like the music in Predator. This hint, moves the last part of the show into science and technology instead of the supernatural or science fiction. Although just before the conclusion there is a great scene in an underground gaming den.

The introduction of a secret government lab, where the victim worked, and a cloaking device that the agency was rushing to develop before the Chinese combined with the music was a perfect move back into “reality.” As mentioned before, this episode was an almost welcome return to the Castle episodes of old, a lot of fun and frustration for Kate and Rick, combined with Esposito picking on Ryan.

This episode with its apparent Halloween special, albeit an early one, was a nice change of pace for this season of Castle. The punch line, of Beckett showing up in her “invisible” outfit and Rick’s obvious excitement was, as Kate says earlier in the show, “Nerdy sexy.” A clever and fun show that makes fans of the series glad that Castle is back.

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