Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans May Team Up in Captain America 3

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Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans may team up for a third installment of Captain America. It will be the first time one of the other Avengers has appeared in one of the character standalone movies, except for in the Avenger teaser scenes after the credits. It is exciting news for fans of Iron Man and Captain America.

The two characters have never liked each other. If it was not for them being part of the Avengers, they would likely have never bothered spending time with each other. In the comics, their dislike for each other created the Civil War storyline, and it seems the Iron Man and Captain America producers want to use that storyline for a future movie.

Downey Jr. is now in talks with those making Captain America 3 to join the cast. However, the talks are just currently those. There is no signed deal and it may never happen. According to reports, Isaac Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel, is trying to cut costs, which is not something that the CAA agents, who represent the Iron Man actor, will want to go along with.

There are already rumors that Perlmutter wants Downey Jr.’s character to be written out of the scripts. For now, the talks are still reportedly happening. It continues the hope that Downey Jr. and Evans will team up for Captain America 3.

The third installment of Captain America is definitely going to happen, whatever the eventual storyline and cast. The plan is for the deadline of May 6, 2016, and Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe, will direct. They directed the second installment, The Winter Soldier.

Some of the problems with negotiations have been from the negotiations, and both sides unwilling to step down. Downey Jr. reportedly wanted a larger part than Marvel initially wanted. It would have taken The Judge actor just three weeks to film his parts, and he was not happy with that. That led to Perlmutter wanting to cut the actor out completely.

It was Kevin Feige who helped bring the character back in. He noted that the Civil War storyline would mean there would be material for movies for the next seven years. It appears Marvel really want to keep the Avengers, and their individual movies, going for the foreseeable future to make the most of the franchise.

It also helps that the comics are still going. Summer 2015 is expected to see a relaunch of the Civil War series between the two Avengers members. It is superhero against superhero, which does not happen very often in any comic series. The storyline involves the Superhero Registration Act, which is something Iron Man’s alter ego Tony Stark would like to happen. All those with superpowers would have to register as superheroes. However, Captain America’s alter ego, Steve Rogers, does not want that to happen.

There is the possibility of the storyline continuing into a fourth Avengers movie. This would allow both parts to have more screen time. However, these are all possibilities right now. Downey Jr. and Evans need to agree to negotiations to team up for Captain America 3.

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