American Horror Story Season 5 Already Ordered

American Horror Story

A fifth season of American Horror Story has already been ordered, just a week into the airing of the fourth season. The new season will air in October 2015, but that is all that is known right now. It is one of the quickest decisions for a network to agree to a new season. Usually, networks wait a few weeks to see how the series takes with the audience.

A record number of people tuned into season four’s premiere Monsters Among Us. Ten million viewers tuned in to see the scariest clown on TV for a long time, along with many other weird and wonderful characters on the show. Ryan Murphy should be proud of his efforts.

Unlike many other shows, American Horror Story brings in new viewers with each season. Part of that will be due to the way the seasons are set out. None of them continue with where the previous season left off. They are all set in different time periods and the actors and actresses take on different characters.

There is also the ability to bring in famous faces, without having them commit to long contracts. Connie Britton starred in the first season, Murder House, but has not been back since. However, Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are three names that have been consistent with each season, among others.

The way the seasons are set means that people do not need to watch over previous seasons to understand. They can tune in if the premise for the 13 episodes for that season interests them. It seems that the season four premise of a carnival of freaks set in the 1950s has interested a lot of people.

After such a successful season four, season five of American Horror Story has already been ordered. There will be 13 episodes, like there has been with others. Murphy now hopes that Lange will agree to come back for another year. She recently said that season four was likely to be her last on the show.

The creators of the show are also known for taking the show to the next level with each season. Many will wonder what season five of American Horror Story could possibly bring. The latest season has already gone beyond others, with a two-headed Paulson. She plays conjoined twins Bette and Dot, who share one body with two heads. Inside their body are four lungs, three kidneys, two hearts, and one reproductive system.

Season four has already done something that no other series has, and that was to bring in a character from a previous season. Naomi Grossman plays Pepper, who originally appeared in Asylum. She was an inmate in the 1964 insane asylum and is now a member of the 1952 freak show. The season is reportedly going to share how she ended up in the asylum from season two. It may bring in some of those who enjoyed her side storyline in the second season.

The creators have certainly taken horror to a new level, but made it almost enjoyable for all. There are a lot of twists and turns, which may explain the record-breaking 10 million viewers for season four. That record-breaking total has meant that American Horror Story has been picked up for a fifth season just a week into the show.

By Alexandria Ingham


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    This is goo news. I love American Horror Story.


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