Teresa Giudice and Husband Ordered to Keep Finances Separate

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and husband Joe have been ordered by a judge to keep their finances separate, in order to prevent them from possibly attempting to cheat the system again. They were given these instructions on the morning of October 12, 2014.

New court documents have stated that Giudice and her husband are strictly to keep both their business and personal accounts to themselves, and that they are not to share or transfer money to each other under any circumstances. They are also not allowed to help the other pay off their $400,000 restitution fees, which must be paid by each of them individually or else they will be brought back to court once more. The latter restriction is said to be more based towards Teresa, as she is the main breadwinner by way of her role in Real Housewives. Giudice’s husband does not seem to have a set source of income other than his brief appearances on the reality show, which mostly serves to accompany his wife’s storyline. This is said to be an extremely large inconvenience for Joe, as he is far less able to pay off his debt without his wife’s help than she is without his. The documents also contained the judge’s statement that her original sentencing did not include any consideration to letters and phone calls from the public that had been submitted anonymously, although she did not elaborate further as to what these letters and phone calls contained.

The news comes a week after the pair were sentenced for fraud concerning wire and bankruptcy. Giudice’s husband got the worst end of the deal, being given 41 months in a federal prison. He is also required to enter an alcohol treatment program while in prison. She received a more lenient sentence, ordered to spend 14 months in prison. The 42-year-old was said to be hysterical when she found out how long she was expected to go away, as she had spent her trial attempting to persuade the judge to simply give her house arrest in order for her to still be home with the couple’s four daughters. The judge reportedly did not have much sympathy for the New Jersey native, stating that the law was the law and those who violated it must be made to pay the appropriate price. She called the pair out regarding the blatant manner in which they tricked the government in terms of their finances, saying that government officials were forced to dig for information that the Giudices should have provided in the first place. There was also talk of the pair’s celebrity status, with the judge allegedly insistent on making an example of the two in order to prove that famous people do not get away with breaking the law any easier than regular people do. However, she did agree to stagger their jail time in order for at least one of them to remain at home in order to care for their children.

It remains to be seen whether or not Teresa and Joe Giudice will abide by the judge’s orders to keep their finances separate. Sources close to the pair believe that the two will heed the warning in order to not lengthen their already substantial prison terms.

By Rebecca Grace

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