The 100 Season 2 Episode 2: Inclement Weather [Recap/Review]

The 100

Many wondered where The 100 would go with its second episode of season two, and with a name of Inclement Weather it certainly lead to some questions. Would the episode be all about Mount Weather, and finally explain how people survived on Earth after the radiation hit from the nuclear war?

The show does not start off with Mount Weather, though. It goes straight to Kane, who has now taken over as leader on Earth. He wants answers from Bellamy, but only hears that Bellamy wants to search for “his people.” Bellamy made it clear that he was a strict leader during the show’s pilot, and he has grown into a caring one. Clarke definitely helped to bring that out of him.

Kane wonders whether locking Bellamy and Murphy together will get them to talk, but it is cut short when gun shots are heard in the distance. Of course, Kane cannot help but bring up the original Ark rules that unauthorized firearm use is a felony, and presumably punishment is death. However, will the old rules survive on Earth with everything the 100 have been through? There is too much going on, and it is soon clear that surviving Grounders are killing the Mountain Men. Luckily, one of the Mountain Men shot with an arrow is left alive, and it may be time for answers.

For those who were wondering about the crying baby in the season premiere of The 100 season two, all questions were answered in Inclement Weather, the second episode. The baby was left in a vent, possibly another hidden baby similarly to Octavia. Jaha decides that he needs to save himself and this baby, and the only way is through a missile.

Since he has to go outside of the Ark, he puts on his spacesuit—with cracked helmet—grabs the baby and goes. When he just gets into the missile, he realizes that the baby has gone missing and ghost of his son Wells is there instead. The baby was a figment of his imagination, and just his survival instinct kicking in. The survival instincts worked though, because Jaha is now on Earth, but is he anywhere near others, including the 100.

Raven is not having the best of days, either. She either leaves the bullet in and becomes paralyzed or she has surgery without anesthetic and she could die. In the end, she chooses the surgery, and Finn is by her side throughout it all. The agonizing surgery ends up leading her paralyzed in one leg, so she has to walk with crutches.

That does lead to someone finally going in search for the remaining survivors of the 100 teenagers. Finn helps Bellamy escape the makeshift prison and they go to find Clarke and others of the 100 who have survived.

As for Clarke, she is not convinced the Mountain Men are telling the truth. When someone comes in with a bullet wound, she is even more suspicious. The Grounders do not use guns, so her people must be alive. When a burn victim comes in and ends up almost fully healed, Clarke is sure that the Mountain Men are up to something. She decides to slit her arm open just to get into Medical, and then takes a look around. There are people in cages, and the whole thing as an American Horror Story feel to it. Mount Weather is certainly hiding something. To top off episode two of Thee 100 season two, Anya is one of those held in the cage!

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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