The 100 Twists and Turns Have People Reeling

The 100

The twists and turns in the season premiere of The 100 have people reeling. While some of the questions were answered, people really want to know answers to others that have been raised. More importantly, people want to know about that baby crying at the end of the episode. What did it mean, and could someone really leave a baby onboard the Ark?

With all the panic and rush, is it really possible that a parent would leave his or her defenseless baby alone on the Ark? It does not seem like something a parent would do, unless that parent was like Bellamy and Octavia’s mom, trying to hide a second child. The people in The 100 have a one-child policy.

There is the possibility that it is all a figment of Jaha’s imagination. While he has resigned himself to death on the Ark, there is the possibility that the fight or flight instinct will kick in. He wants to survive, and a defenseless baby is going to be the way to help kick in that survival mode.

According to Jason Rothenberg, executive producer of The 100, the idea of the crying baby was a joke to start with. However, like some of the greatest storylines, the idea took float and the writers ran with it. It left the producers the storyline they have now, and a storyline that will be told more in episode two of the show. That does not stop people reeling from the twists and turns in The 100 season two premiere.

Rothenberg admitted that he did not want to get rid of Jaha’s character. Isaiah Washington plays the character so well, and there is a redeeming quality to him. While his initial character came to a clean end in the season one premiere, the writers and producers wanted to reactivate it in some way. It seems they want him on Earth. While his people got to Earth, they are not safe yet and that was his directive.

According to the E! Online interview, it appears that the baby really will be there. At least, Jaha will believe the baby is there. However, there is the possibility that the whole thing is a figment of his imagination just to get him on Earth somehow.

Rothenberg also made it clear that The 100 characters would not just die off-screen. People become invested in characters, and it would not be fair to just kill them off without seeing their deaths. That is why Bellamy, Finn and Raven have all survived; at least for now. One of the biggest twists is that Kane has now arrested Bellamy, despite Murphy shooting Raven.

There is also a sob story for Murphy, which is supposed to be a way to make it seem like all are human. They all have backstories, and all have difficult things they have been through. Can Murphy really be redeemable after everything that he has done? He may have had a difficult childhood with his dad being floated and his mom drinking herself to death, but is that really an excuse to act the way he has?

Finally, there is everything happening at Mount Weather. Just where has Clarke ended up? She is not one to give up trying to escape, but how is she going to get out of this one? Those are just some of the twists and turns that left people reeling after the season premiere of The 100.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


E! Online

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