Katy Perry Will Celebrate Birthday in Morocco After Egypt Trip Nixed

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry had planned to spend her 30th birthday in Egypt and fly in friends and family members, but she will instead be spending it in Morocco after the Egypt trip was nixed due to concerns for Perry’s safety. Her birthday party in Egypt was purportedly going to be an extravagant one, but she was forced to cancel it.Instead, her plane landed in Marrakech, Morocco earlier this week, according to a report at the web site TV3.ie.

Katy Perry will turn the milestone age of 30 this Saturday. Perry is currently on a three-week break from touring, though she will continue with her international Prismatic World Tour on November 7, at the end of her hiatus to get in a bit of “me” time and have fun on her 30th birthday.

Perry decided on the change in plans after her travel plans were reportedly discovered and leaked online. Also, Egypt suffers from “political instability” at this time. The Roar songstress had wanted to cruise down the Nile River dressed up “like Cleopatra” according to a source who spoke to E! News, and party down close to the pyramids. It would have been an epic and very memorable experience, though Katy Perry will likely have a blast in Morocco, as well, this Friday.

The birthday girl seems to have the world by its tail, but Katy Perry has admitted it can be difficult to maintain a romantic relationship for very long with her sort of fame and lifestyle. A part of the reason for this, according to Perry, is that people are often “intimidated” by her and do not know how to handle the fact that they feel “threatened,” or a degree of “resentment” towards her.

Katy Perry looks for certain characteristics that she looks for in the people she contemplates getting romantically involved with. She mentioned in an interview that she likes someone who is “really smart,” and she likes people who have “a good sense of humor,” and makes her laugh. Also, she likes to date people who understand and love music, of course, and who are “sensitive” types.

Katy Perry cruising down the Nile River dressed up like Cleopatra would have been a sight to behold, and one right out of a music video. Then, a birthday bash within sight of the Giza Pyramid would have been the proverbial “icing on the cake.” After that, Perry had planned to continue the birthday fun with stops at other locales around the world, such as Paris, South Africa and Moscow.

The Dark Horse diva has a love for Egypt and Egyptian history. She even made it the theme of her Dark Horse video, in which she goes by the Egyptian-sounding name of “Katy P├Ątra.”

In an unusual twist to Katy Perry’s change of birthday plans, Shakey’s Pizza wished her a happy birthday on its marquee. This was after Perry had tweeted, probably in jest, that the only thing she wanted for her birthday was to have her “name on the Shakey’s Pizza marquee.” Now, she can die a happy woman.

When Katy Perry returns to her current international Prismatic World Tour on November 7, she will be performing in both Australia and then, New Zealand. On February 16, after the holidays are over, Perry will start the European leg of her tour. The tour will wind up on March 22 in lovely Stockholm, Sweden. The current tour has already been quite lucrative for Perry, who made $31 million already on the North American leg, alone.

While it is too bad that Perry’s travel plans were leaked online and she felt she had to nix her plans to have a birthday party in Egypt, she will likely have a terrific time in Morocco, as well. The staff of the Guardian Liberty Voice joins in with her millions of other fans to wish Katy Perry a very happy 30th birthday on Friday!

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