The 100 Season 2 Episode 1: The 48 [Recap/Review]

The 100

After four months of waiting, episode one of The 100 season two is finally here, with an episode called The 48. It is now very clear just how many of the 100 delinquent teens survived the first season, after questions of whether Finn and Bellamy burned when they were left outside of the drop ship.

At the same time, many wanted to know about the adults who made their way down in the seven Ark stations. Viewers only saw Abby and Kane’s station land. It seemed the other six went up in fiery blazes, but nothing can be taken for granted in The 100.

Season two kicks off exactly where season one left. Clarke is stuck at Mount Weather after being taken by the Mountain Men. The end of last season saw Monty in a room opposite her, but now he is gone and a blue dressed man is cleaning out his room. Clarke wants answers and she gets them in the best way possible; throw a fit and take a hostage. She finally gets taken to President Dante Wallace, who tells her that the Mountain Men cannot survive on the Earth. So how did The 100? They were exposed to solar radiation, which helped get them ready for Earth’s radiation.

It seems Jasper believes the story the Mountain Men tell them, and that helps to convince Clarke. However, things are not as they seem. President Wallace is hiding something, especially that there are no other survivors than the ones they took from the drop ship.

The 48, the first episode of The 100’s second season, soon makes it clear that Finn and Bellamy did survive; something that many suspected when they saw them at Comic Con during the summer. The problem is Finn is taken by a Grounder, and Bellamy has to save him. That leads to Kane turning up and saving the day.

They get back to the drop ship, where Murphy and Raven have been left. When Bellamy enforces his own rules on Murphy, who also happens to try and save Finn, Kane goes back to the Ark’s original laws. It is a clear struggle between the initial leader of The 100 and the defacto leader of the Ark.

There is also the question of Lincoln and Octavia. Bellamy’s sister was hit with an arrow and is slowly dying. Lincoln needs to save her, and the only antidote is in his village. As a traitor it is too dangerous to go, but this is one of the things people do for love. He risks both of their lives, while teaching her how to be one of his kind along the way. He also teaches her a new language, since it turns out that English is not the only language on Earth after all.

The 100 ends with a major cliffhanger that has every parent wondering just what was going on in deciding to get everyone down to Earth. After failing to communicate with anyone on Earth and learning he is running out of air, he decides to shut everything down. All he wants is his heroic, worthy death. Instead, he hears the sound of a crying baby. Just who would leave a baby behind, and is it all in his head as he decides to fight for his life?

The episode has left many with more questions than answers, but the good news is that favorite characters are not just going to die off-screen. However, that does not mean characters will survive, and it is evident when some of the 48 are picked off in The 100 episode one of season two.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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