The Blacklist: Dr. James Covington [Preview & Video]

The Blacklist

The Blacklist this coming Monday, October 6, Paul Reubens (Pee Wee’s Playhouse) will be one of the guest stars in this action-packed episode title Dr. James Covington. His character, Mr. Vargas, will be introduced in the Monday, October 6, episode of The Blacklist, and he will also be in the one on the following Monday, October 13, Dr. Linus Creel.

In the Monday, October 6 episode of The Blacklist, a doctor who has gone off the deep end — Dr. James Covington (Ron Cephas Jones) — finds himself on Red’s (James Spader) “Blacklist.” Agents Ressler, played by Diego Klattenhoff, and Keen, played by Megan Boone, team up with agent Samar Navabi, who is played by Mozhan Marno. After a man is found with his heart cut out, they go after the culprit behind his murder and investigate the lucrative black market organ selling operation Dr. Covington is engaged in.

While Keen and Ressler are involved with the Dr. James Covington case, Red and an associate of his journey to Indonesia to try to capitalize on a new opportunity. However, the ever-resourceful Reddington is put into a dangerous situation and the trip does not go exactly as he had planned. Other stars in the Dr. James Covington episode include Amir Arison and Harry Lennix.

There has not been much information released by NBC so far about the role Paul Reubens will play, except that he will be a a well-dressed “muscle” who handles delicate situations in the criminal underworld. Exactly what sort of “delicate situations” he handles and how he is a “muscle” are both questions that will probably not be answered and viewers will just have to check the episode out to find out the answers.

Paul Reubens will, as previously stated, also be in the October 13 episode of The Blacklist, Dr. Linus Creel. Another guest star in that show will be Mary-Lousie- Parker from the series Weeds. Other than that scant information, not much else is yet known about how the mysterious “muscle” Mr. Vargas or how he will undoubtedly complicate Red’s life yet further. To see a preview from the episode, click on the video below — Paul Reubens is not in it, but it is still a great video trailer!

In the episode Dr. Creel, on Monday, October 13, a social experiment proves to have deadly results. People who had previously seemed to be nonviolent suddenly become murderers. Red discovers that they might be the unwitting victims of a social-psychological experiment and he warns Liz, played by Megan Boone, about the situation. Also, Reddington attempts to convince Mary-Lousie Parker’s character, Naomi, and her husband to agree to a complicated proposition.

The next two weeks on The Blacklist look like they will be pivotal episodes. It is, so far, not known if Paul Reubens will be in any other episodes beyond the next two, but it will definitely be interesting to see how he does in a role that is more dramatic and villainous than the ones he usually plays.

Written By Douglas Cobb

The Blacklist Dr. James Covington video

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    I believe that a source I was using might hav gotten the information wrong. I will chagne this later today if so, and get the reference either altered or removed. Thanks for your comment!

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    Just one problem… I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy three times and didn’t remember Paul Reubens being in it, so I hit – I can find no evidence of him being in GOTG.


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