The Doctor and the Daleks Teach Children Computer Programming

The Doctor

The Doctor and his enemies the Daleks are teaching children all about computer programming. It is a new aim to get children into computer science, and making programming something anyone can do. As the world moves towards more technology, this is becoming more and more important.

The unlikely allies are joining forces, as more people want to watch Doctor Who. It is also in game form to make sure more children are willing to enjoy programming and make it a hobby or even a career. Who said that computers has to be boring or that games could not be educational?

The current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, is voicing the character in the game, aimed at children between six and 12 years old. Only the basics of computer programming will be taught, through a range of puzzles that the students will have to figure out. They are given commands that they must follow. The aims is really just to get them interested in computer science, so that they go on to learn it in the future.

Another enemy from Doctor Who; the Cybermen. The robotic creatures have kidnapped a Dalek, who is sending a distress signal. It is up to The Doctor to save the new ally, along with other Daleks. The idea possibly comes from the latest season of the show, where Capaldi’s Doctor went inside a Dalek to figure out why it had turned “good.” Despite always hating the creatures, he had to go in and save it; not something he initially wanted to do.

The aim of the game is for children to learn computer programming while The Doctor saves the Dalek. It will be completely free to play once it is released on October 22 on the CBBC website. Many students are already looking forward to the idea of playing another Doctor Who game. It has been created by the BBC, the network the show is aired on and creates the new series.

BBC says that the game helps to teach children by utilizing one of the most popular TV shows on the network. It increases the chance of more children playing, and learning something from it. There is also the fun element, so children will hardly realize that they are learning, but parents will be happier for them to play.

Children will play the Dalek and help him unlock various achievements by solving puzzles and performing tasks. Those commands come from The Doctor, and will help the Dalek gain more power. As a child unlocks new achievements, the puzzles will get harder. There is always something new to learn with each stage.

All the challenges are linked to the U.K.’s current schooling curriculum. At the same time, they are simply fun to play, and will entertain children around the world. Hopefully this game will be more popular than previous attempts at Doctor Who games. Despite the popularity of the franchise, not all have taken off in the way that the developers hoped they would. This one does do something different by teaming The Doctor and the Daleks together to help teach children all about computer programming basics.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




Photo credit: CC-2.0 Gage Skidmore

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