The Originals Season Two Premiere (Recap and Review)

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The Originals Season Two Premiere (Recap and Review)

The Originals season two premiere began with Rebekah telling baby Hope a fairy tale version of the Mikaelson family, specifically about Elijah and Klaus along with mother Hayley. The story ends with Klaus plotting to get back all the wolf stones that inflict so much damage on the hybrid that he cannot drive the werewolves from New Orleans. After the tale ends, Elijah goes out to preserve buildings in the quarter and he discovers the last of the stone rings that needs to be captured.

Klaus is in danger of losing control with all the waiting and Elijah tells his brother that he has located the last stone ring. Hayley has placed herself in exile away from her daughter’s father and Marcel is still with Camille in their “no strings” relationship. As Camille goes to leave, the two talk about Klaus and Marcel gets the line of the evening with his description of Klaus being able to “mourn and murder” at the same time.

They also talk about Davina and it turns out that she has left her coven. At “Second Life Vinyl” the young witch is buying another Icelandic record when the wolves come in to kill the shop’s proprietor Joe. The witch stops the werewolves before they can accomplish their goal and Joe escapes. Francesca lets rip at Harvest Girl Cassie – who is actually possessed by Esther – because Davina broke the agreement of witches not acting against wolves, Cassie/Esther replies that the girl is no longer in the coven so the rules do not apply.

The werewolf leader demands that she be forced to comply. In The Originals season two premiere the wolves are upping the pressure on all the players, this includes following Camille who reacts angrily at being shadowed. She goes to see Klaus who refuses to see her although Elijah does have a word. He tells the woman that Klaus will be angry that she put herself in danger by coming to see him. Before she leaves Camille reminds Elijah that they “have a weapon across the river just waiting to be fired.”

Marcel is recruiting replacements for the vampires who were killed in the wolf attack, as well as Mikael killing off the survivors. Josh is told by Marcel and Klaus, who has come to see “the weapon,” that they do not need tough guys, but warriors. Hayley and Elijah have words and she reveals how angry it makes her that Francesca Correa still lives.

Davina reminds Mikael who is in charge and tells him that he cannot kill Klaus until she can save her friends. Marcel and Klaus talk strategy and collecting the 12 rings which damage the first hybrid of the originals and the missing stake which can kill Klaus. While making plans to attack the wolves at night, Joe comes in and pledges his support to the battle.

The plan revolves around the white stake and who has it, or more importantly who the Correa’s believe have it. Francesca orders Cassie to find the stake that can kill originals and she cannot, the witch believes it has been cloaked. Joe, as part of the plan, sends the wolf leader’s minions to the priest. Two wolves go to Camille, her uncle was the priest, and she gives them directions and a key.

The originals’ plans are working and Francesca directs her army of wolves as she stays in her house which the vampires cannot enter “without an invitation.” Throughout the night rings are collected one-by-one and Klaus grows stronger with each one retrieved. The hybrid begins to paint and Elijah reveals that this member of the originals can enter the wolf leader’s house without invitation as he convinced the city council to protect the homes heritage which makes it a public place.

Francesca is allowed to flee so that Hayley can kill the woman who tried to destroy her baby. After the act, Hayley tells Elijah that she is different, that she has changed from “a mother to a monster.” At the end of the season two premiere of The Originals Davina finally meets Caleb, another of Esther’s sons, and Klaus admits to being the cause of all the recent troubles while Elijah destroys the wolf stones. Camille tells Marcel that she is going to help humans for awhile and Klaus gives Hayley a peptalk and Esther is planning a “family reunion.” Next week’s show looks to have things pick up considerably when Mikael appears to be set loose by Davina. The Originals continues to have a more adult theme with lots of attention paid to revenge and control. The show airs Mondays on CW. It is going to be interesting to see which family faction actually wins this internal battle for New Orleans.

By Michael Smith



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