The Simpsons Could End With a Loop

The Simpsons

Nobody has ever asked Al Jean to bring The Simpsons to an end, but he has shared that it could have an endless loop. That is the way he would like to create the final ever episode, whenever that may be. He already has the storyline in his mind.

When Jean created the series in 1989, he had no idea that it would take off to become the phenomenon it is today. That could be why he wants to take it back to the beginning. The final episode would have the characters getting ready for a Christmas pageant, which ends up being the pageant they are at in the very first episode. It would allow him to create an infinite loop.

This would not be the first time TV or movie producers have tried the infinite loop idea. The Final Destination series ended with the loop of sorts. Right at the end of the fifth instalment, the main characters boarded the plane that started the franchise. However, many other shows have not pulled it off perfectly. The benefit of The Simpsons is there is little continuity anyway, so it would make it possible for the show to end with this type of loop.

There is also the element of the show seems like it will never come to an end. While it remains popular, there are also a lot of repeats.

So far, this is just an idea that Jean has. He just likes the idea of The Simpsons ending with a loop. However, it is not necessarily going to happen, and does not seem likely for a long time. The show is on its 25th season, and still remains popular. Jean believes it is the network’s highest rated show, so it is not going to come to an end anytime soon.

The question for many fans is how many times similar storylines can be told. There is also the question of whether newer storylines can be created. There has been a lull lately, and The Simpsons creators decided to boost ratings in two ways with the start of its 25th year.

The first was through a joint venture with Family Guy. The two shows have long been up against each other, but this was a chance for them to put Homer and Peter in the same universe. It was a fun way, but not likely to happen ever again. Writers for the two shows had fun making remarks similar to that during the episode.

The Simpsons’ second attempt was killing off a character. That seemingly backfired a little, as there was a lot of hype about it over the summer. Jean left hints, which he claims the media ran away with. He never said it would be a major character, but people were wondering whether one of the main family members would kick the bucket. It ended up being Krusty’s father, who has only made nine appearances throughout all 25 seasons.

However, the show is still going. If it does come to an end, Jean says that he would like The Simpsons to end with a loop.

By Alexandria Ingham


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