The Vampire Diaries’ Stefan Moving to The Originals?

The Vampire Diaries

Is Stefan from The Vampire Diaries moving to The Originals? That is something that Julie Plec admitted that she would like to see. However, there are no plans to take Paul Wesley from Mystic Falls—or just on the outskirts—and place him in New Orleans just yet.

Plec was asked who she would like to swap from the two shows. Both are set in the same universe, and both are owned by her. It seems pretty simply to move characters around as she would like.

For her, the best swap would be to put Rebekah back in The Vampire Diaries and take Stefan to New Orleans. She loves Wesley’s dynamic with Joseph Morgan, who plays the vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus. There is the possibility that Stefan could help bring some humanity out in Klaus, especially now that Klaus has a daughter somewhere out there.

At the same time, Klaus has a really good talent for bringing out the bad boy side in The Vampire Diaries’ Stefan. The younger Salvatore brother does not even need his humanity turned off to do bad things to the people he meets when he is with Klaus. It is like his natural instinct as a vampire just takes over. Granted, the first time he and Klaus met he did have his humanity turned off, and his lack of caring for the people around him attracted him to Klaus. They were great buddies in the 1920s.

The question is whether Plec would move Stefan from The Vampire Diaries to The Originals. With the way both shows are going, there is not a current need for that move. Stefan still fits into the group in the popular vampire TV show, especially now he has the revenge storyline against Enzo. Many fans are also still holding out that Stefan and Elena will get back together, especially now that Elena has forgotten all about her love for Damon.

Rebekah coming back to The Vampire Diaries is also out of the question. She is no longer a series regular on The Originals, and the actress, Claire Holt, has moved on in terms of acting. There is just the hope that she will come back now and again for episodes so Klaus and Hayley can see their daughter, Hope.

Plec admitted that there was still so much she could have done with the love storyline between Rebekah and Matt. While their love story was not as epic or groundbreaking as Stefan and Elena’s or Damon and Elena’s, it was a good one. The two were suited for each other because all they wanted was to be loved. They had both been let down by the people they loved, and that suited each other. Matt also grew up and got to see the world thanks to Rebekah’s friendship with him.

So far, the only planned character to turn up in New Orleans is Elena’s doppelganger Tatia. This is the Original Doppleganger; the one that both Klaus and Elijah fell in love with. Nina Dobrev will appear in episode five of the vampire spin-off

For now, Stefan is definitely staying in the original vampire show. However, there are always possibilities of him moving on. There are no confirmed plans for contracts to be renewed for The Vampire Diaries, and if Wesley wants to continue to play Stefan, it could mean moving to The Originals is the only option.

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2 Responses to "The Vampire Diaries’ Stefan Moving to The Originals?"

  1. Andie   October 19, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    YES! I am so tired of the main TVD love triangle, and it I very hard to find someone to root for on The Originals (it’s basically the bad guys v. the worse guys). Moving on from Stefan/Elena relationship and exploring the Klaus/Stefan friendship would solve both issues quite nicely.

  2. Robert Wood   October 17, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    I wish these actors would sign the friggin contracts already so we know we have a 7th season or not and if the one not sure if they want to continue, its very unfair to the fans.

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