The Vampire Diaries: The World Has Turned and Left Me Here [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

There is hope that The Vampire Diaries’ Bonnie and Damon will return home in The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, but they have one major decision to make. Will they accept putting a psychopathic killer back out there?

As for the others, it is time for Stefan and Caroline to clean up Enzo’s mess. Ivy is a new vampire and wants blood. She is certainly not interested in living on just blood bags, and also wants fun in her new form. Ivy wants it so much that she is willing to snap Caroline’s neck just to go to Elena’s corn maze Halloween fun.

Elena, meanwhile, has become a flirtatious 18-year-old girl. In fact, it seems almost normal for her. A flirtatious Elena is something that The Vampire Diaries viewers have never really seen before because she’s either been with Stefan or Damon. It iss refreshing to see her wanting someone else, and he seems to like her too. What will Damon think when he gets back?

There is some good news for Bonnie. Kai does not know the spell after all, and Bonnie and Damon can get to present day The Vampire Diaries without him. So what does she do? She puts an axe through him. Bonnie was a character that nobody wanted to anger before, and now she is showing just what she will do. Physical violence was always Damon’s forte, so what will he think?

Unfortunately, there are no complete happy endings in The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, or The Vampire Diaries overall. Kai is not dead—can anyone really die when they are on this “other side”—and he stabs Bonnie in revenge. She seems to sacrifice her own survival too by throwing a strange object to Damon, saying a few strange words, and making Damon disappear. It is now Kai against Bonnie.

Tyler is struggling to control his anger. Since coming back from the dead, he is no longer a hybrid, but a normal teenage boy with a dormant werewolf gene. He puts that gene at risk of being activated by driving his car into the corn maze and injuring a large number of people. Elena tries her best to save everyone, but there is one who cannot be saved?

It seems like Tyler will end up a werewolf again, until Liv shows him just how much she really cares. She kills the poor boy who cannot be saved, and Tyler is no longer the one to have caused his death. Tyler seriously owes Liv one after those actions, but what type of repercussions will it have?

Stefan is still not really dealing with everything. He was never working on getting Ivy a daylight ring. He wanted to run away and start all over again, but Caroline catches him in the act. In true The Vampire Diaries still, she gets on her soapbox and tells him to sort himself out. So, he does the one thing he knows. He cries and broods, and this time it’s all directed to Damon’s grave. It is as if that is all he needed to bring Damon back. The moment between the two of them just showed why Stefan needed to move on. He missed his brother and just wanted to feel normal.

There were many shocking moments, especially seeing how far characters are willing to go to move on or act normal. The most exciting part for many is that Damon is now back, but has left Bonnie behind. Just how will others in The Vampire Diaries deal with the consequences of The World Has Turned and Left Me Here?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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