Will Damon Accept Elena’s Decision in The Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries

Many fans of The Vampire Diaries were excited to see Damon Salvatore return this week, but there is a decision that Elena made that he may have to accept. She chose to be compelled to forget all about her feelings for him, and is so far refusing to remember those feelings again. Stefan seems to want her to, despite meaning that she will likely fall madly back in love with his brother rather than him.

One would think that she would happily remember everything now that Damon as returned, but so much has happened since then. First of all, Elena seems happy and like she is moving on. She kissed Liam at the end of the last episode, because he was a hero for her. Could she want to move on and have some sort of “normal” relationship? Is a normal relationship even possible on The Vampire Diaries?

Another sticking point that will disappoint the Delena shippers is that Damon returned alone. He left Bonnie stuck on this “other side,” and she is in danger. Kai will be extremely angry that his possible one shot out of the “other side” has been prevented thanks to Bonnie. First of all she stabbed him, but she also gave Damon everything he needed.

Not only will Elena be angry at the idea that Damon left Bonnie behind, but so will Caroline and Jeremy. Could that anger be enough for Elena to decide that she just does not want to remember? Does it mean that Damon will have to accept Elena’s decision to move on in The Vampire Diaries?

Finally, one of the last things that Elena remembers is that Damon broke her brother’s neck. Sure, Jeremy had the life-saving ring on, but Damon did not know that at the time. He just wanted Jeremy dead, without thinking of the consequences. That hatred and disdain could be enough when she sees Damon to decide that she does not want to remember her love for him.

There are people who will be happy to see him. Stefan has already made that clear with the touching reunion at the end of The Vampire Diaries’ fifth episode of season six. Enzo will be another who is happy. He has his friend back. That is if Enzo has forgiven Damon yet for killing the love of his life. Enzo has his emotions back on now—at least that is what it seems—so maybe they can discuss things now that both have died and come back.

The off-screen matters could affect how the writers have done season six of The Vampire Diaries. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, who play Elena and Damon respectively, are no longer together and things are reportedly awkward on the set. Could it mean that the writers will drag Elena’s disdain for Damon out longer, at least until her best friend Bonnie is back alive?

It is going to be difficult for Damon. All he wanted was to get back to Elena and now she has forgotten her love for him. Is Damon willing to accept Elena’s decision and allow her to move on in The Vampire Diaries?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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