Boarderlands: The Pre-Sequel Gets Free Halloween Themed Content


Boarderlands: The Pre-Sequel! was released just a short while ago (October 14 for North America), but has already received its first dose of free downloadable content, just in time for Halloween. The Bloody Harvest Celebration adds some visual changes and even a themed weapon to celebrate the holiday. The event has gone live as of October 31, and goes through November 2. This weekend marks the only time gamers will be able to get their hands on the Jack-o’-Cannon without trading.

Taking place after Boarderlands 2, Boarderlands: The Pre-Sequel! begins in the flying city of Sanctuary where Brick, Mordecai, and Lilith interrogate Athena. From that point, she recounts the events that led her into their hands. This free downloadable steers away from big additions to plot and instead basks in the spirit of Halloween fun. Last year, Boarderlands publisher 2K created the mini-expansion known as T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest. The event had players uniting with the zombified T.K. Baha and shooting up quite a few pumpkins. The tradition is continued this year with the Bloody Harvest Celebration. This free downloadable does not drastically change much, but it should still be some fun.

To start with, players need to be able to get to the area Regolith Range, which will be decked out with pumpkin fever. The most obvious change is that  all enemies will have pumpkins as heads, which does make it a bit easier to land headshots. Exploding barrels have been removed and replaced by the new Blood Harvest Barrels, these erupt pillars of fire after their initial explosion when shot.

What is Halloween without candy right? The pumpkin-headed baddies go down, they will not drop dollar bills, but in fact hard candy. This change is entirely visual and meant to surround the player with the Halloween theme.

The local-area boss has changed from Deadlift to Undeadlift, which is to say that he has a pumpkin on his head. When defeated, there is a chance that he will drop a new unique weapon known as the Jack-o’-Cannon. This torque shotgun has explosive damage and a low fire rate, it is also very orange, featuring orange on orange action. This weapon shoots out pumpkins that explode at the cost of two ammunition instead of one. These explosive pumpkins can pack quite a punch with their large explosion radius.

The difficulty of the game will influence how powerful the Jack-o’-Cannon is when dropped. Anyone playing on normal will get it at around level 4 or 5, True Vault Hunter Mode gets the weapon at level 30, and those playing True Vault Hunter mode post-Sentinel will get the at level 50.

Keep in mind, this piece of free downloadable content will be going through November 2, after that it is gone. Boarderlands: The Pre-Sequel! And 2K have continued their yearly tradition of creating Halloween themed content. This free content is gladly accepted as something that not only adds a little fun to the standard play of the game, but also stands as a testament for how video games are represented in current life events.

By Garrett Jutte
Hitc Tech
Lazy Gamer

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