Family Guy Star Alex Borstein Getting Divorced From Gilmore Girls Actor

Alex Borstein, best known for voicing the character of Lois Griffin on the hit FOX animated comedy Family Guy, is getting divorced from her husband of 16 years. Although there is no evidence of a prenuptial agreement, her soon-to-be ex-husband is set to walk away with half of her wealth under California laws, a fortune that is much higher than any earnings he accumulated during their marital union.

Borstein’s net worth is estimated at a whopping amount of approximately $24 million, most of which she has earned via her role on the aforementioned primetime animation show. The amount at stake in the pair’s divorce is reportedly in the range of upper millions as well, as the 41-year-old makes between three to five million dollars a season for the work she does voicing the animated character. Along with half her wealth, Jackson Douglas is also requesting spousal support and joint custody. While joint custody is the norm in celebrity divorces should one party not prove a problem in terms of health and safety to the child, reasoning the spousal support requirement has yet to be determined. While it is a fact that Borstein’s wealth is far more than Douglas’, the 45-year-old has made a significant mark in terms of his own acting endeavors, given that he was a main character in one of the biggest shows in the 2000’s. He was the one to file for divorce, although the reason behind this move has yet to be revealed.

Douglas was a main character in the hit WB series Gilmore Girls, which ran from 2000-2007. He portrayed Jackson Belleville, husband to main character Lorelai Gilmore’s best friend Sookie St. James, who also served as the produce supplier behind the pair’s highly successful lodging facilities The Independence Inn & The Dragonfly Inn, the second of which was a more significant part of the show.

The Gilmore Girls casting runs a little bit deeper than just Douglas, however. Borstein herself was a semi-regular in the show’s premiere season, in which she played a snarky but talented harp player by the name of Drella. The character caught viewers’ attention through her ability to harass and offend customers of the inn but remain such an asset to their events that she never ends up having her employment terminated. Incidentally, Borstein was actually set to play the role of Lorelai’s aforementioned best friend Sookie, but was forced to drop out due to conflicting schedule issues with said role in Family Guy. The role of BFF/head chef Sookie eventually went to actress Melissa McCarthy, who has since become one of the most popular women in comedy and a fan favorite all around, having been cast in multiple award-winning comedies since the end of Gilmore Girls. While it is noted that Borstein and Douglas were married a year before the premiere of the show, there is not sufficient detail as to when and why they decided to be co-stars.

It remains to be seen whether or not Jackson Douglas will get his wish for spousal support and joint custody in his upcoming divorce from Family Guy star Alex Borstein. Said proceedings have yet to be finalized. The split, however, is said to be amicable.

By Rebecca Grace

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