‘The Voice’: Battle Rounds Conclude Tonight [Recap & Video]

The Voice

The Voice tonight had its final Battle Rounds of this season in an exciting, suspenseful, hour-long episode. The four coaches spent the final Battle Rounds night pitting their remaining team members against each other and selecting a winner to move on to the next phase of the competition, the Knockout Rounds, which begin next Monday.

There will be a lot of singing packed into the hour on The Voice, as Gwen Stefani will have two pairs from her team going head-to-head against each other, as will Blake Shelton. Gwen is the only coach who has a steal left. It is likely she will save it for when she thinks the time is just right to make it count the most.

The first pair of competitors to go against each other on The Voice in Battle was Brittany Butler and Ricky Manning from Team Pharrell. Pharrell picked the George Benson song, On Broadway, for the pair to sing. “I want you to learn it the way George sang it,” Pharrell said.

“You’re ice and you’re fire,” Pharrell said in describing the duo, “like the X-Men.”

The Voice went to the first commercial break of the evening. The Battle will take place when the show returns from the break.

Carson introduced the two performers from Team Pharrell, and Ricky began the song. He was AMAZING! Then, the whole tone and mood of the song changed when Brittany Butler sang it –that was not her fault, but the way the song was arranged. Still, it might have hurt her.

Gwen said “You guys have such strong personalities and expressions on the stage.”

Adam said that Brittany was “great,” but he really saw a “vast improvement” with Ricky, so he chose Ricky.

Blake also thought that Ricky had done the better job of the two.

Pharrell said that “it was super-tough. I don’t know,” but then he said “The winner of the Battle is — just because I’ve seen so much improvement — Ricky.”

Kensington fell ill so was not able to make it to one of the rehearsals. Kimberly of Little Big Town sang with Reagan, instead. The next day, Reagan fortunately was feeling better, and was able to participate in the rehearsal. Blake said “This one is neck-to-neck. I’m going to be the one in the hospital now, with an ulcer.”

The Voice went to another commercial break. When the show came back, Kensington Moore, 16, went up in a Battle against Reagan, singing Team by Lorde. They were both pretty amazing and utilized all of the stage as they sang. the audience clapped along from the very beginning. Both women have beautiful voices, so this will be a tough decision.

Pharrell said “I have no idea what you’re going to do.”

Gwen said they both did really great.

Adam said “All in all, you both have so much raw talent it will make it rough for Blake, which is great, because I love to see him suffer.”

Carson Daly asked Blake who the winner of this Battle on The Voice was, and Shelton answered “I just gotta go with my gut on this one. The winner of this Battle was — Reagan.” Gwen did not use her last steal on Reagan.

Then, the next three Battles were just briefly summarized and Blake and Gwen announced who they chose as the winners. “The winner of this Battle is Allison,’ Blake said about a Battle between Fernanda Bosch and Allison Bray in which they sang Sparks Fly.

Gwen said, about the next Battle on The Voice that was also just summarized, “The winner of this Battle is — Anita.” Anita Antoinette and Mayra Alvarez had gone head-to-head against each other in Battle, singing I Can See Clearly Now.

Team Gwen had another Battle that followed the first, and it was also just recapped briefly by Carson. Gianna Salvato and Bryana Salaz sang Boom Clap. Gwen said “The winner of the Battle is Bryana.” Bryana must have impressed Gwen just a little bit more than Gianna.

Beth Spangler and Mea Pfirrman from Team Adam performed last on The Voice. They both really got into meeting Stevie Nicks. Adam chose the song I Turn to You by Christina Aguilera to sing. It will be difficult to sing as well as, or close to as well as, Christina.

Adam told them “Less is more. Interpret it within your own comfort zone.”

Stevie Nicks told them both to not try to sing it like Christina Aguilera would, but make it their own. Adam said “The miraculous thing about Christina Aguilera is that see does all of that stuff and stays in perfect time.”

Next on The Voice, Carson introduced Beth Spangler and Mea Pfirrman and they took the stage to sing I Turn to You. Both of the performers had AWESOME voices that soared to the rafters. The song choice was a very challenging one, but they really stepped up and handled the pressure and song well. They NAILED the song!

Blake said “It was definitely a couple of divas up there giving it all they had. I’d probably go with Mea.”

Pharrell said “If I had to go with one of you, I’d pick Beth.”

Gwen said “Overall, if I had to chose somebody, on this song, I’d chose Mea.”

Adam said “The good news is that you’re both so great it’s hard for me to decide.” He had to make a choice, so he said “The winner of this Battle is Mea.”

Then, on The Voice, Gwen pushed her button, and stole Beth Spangler! It was not that much of a surprise, as she was the only coach left with a steal and it was the last Battle and she had to fill a spot on her team; but, still, it was at the last second, and it looked kind of cool viewing it at home as Gwen was hugging Beth, then reached back with her hand and pushed the button to steal her.

The Voice seemed to go by so quickly tonight! Of course, a lot was compressed into the hour, and even then, a few songs and Battles were glossed over. Viewers do not especially like this aspect of the hour-long shows, but it is hard to get around in the shorter time frame allowed on Tuesdays. Please leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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