UFC, WWE, and Retirement Options on Table for Brock Lesnar: MMA Spotlight

UFC MMA Spotlight

UFC MMA Spotlight

Brock Lesnar has been nothing short of a lightning rod of entertainment for the UFC, WWE, and any other formality he touches; even the NFL went a buzz when Lesnar was trying to make the Minnesota Vikings roster many years back. Call outs should be expected, then somewhat ignored, everyone wants a piece of the cash out prize involved with matching up with the monumental Minnesotan; Lesnar just continues to follow his straight and narrow line and do exactly to his liking. Fact is, his contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) is up, and the man is not exactly getting younger, but yet still continues to cash in on his well-known fame. One of the biggest stars in the wrestling industry was also a former UFC heavyweight champion, and pancaked many mixed martial artists into a daunted state; a few of those are Frank Mir, Shane Carwin, Randy Couture, and Heath Herring. Rumors are swirling that Brock may be contemplating a return to the octagon, but at UFC MMA Spotlightthe age of 37; will he do it?

Lesnar most notably exited the UFC with back to back defeats at the hands of Alistair Overeem and current heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez; and had also been battling a life threatening illness, Diverticulitis. His manager, Paul Heyman, has proclaimed that his client fought in the UFC at 65% health. If this proclamation is true, it is scary to think what a 100% healthy Brock Lesnar could do back inside the octagon. But once again the age factor climbs back into the discussion. At the age of 37, the man has made millions upon millions performing in scripted wrestling matches, and has taken part in the main event in many vastly known pay per views for the WWE. Critics may think it may not make much sense for this man to go put his body and physical health in jeopardy to go back to fighting, let alone mix it up with guys whom would love nothing more than to inflict pain on a man who has been through enough already.

Seclusion back in the woods in Minnesota does not sound like such a bad option. Hunting season is just right around the corner, and anyone who knows Brock Lesnar knows, the man does not miss hunting season out on the land of ten thousand lakes. The woods are a safe haven, and the silence is bliss out there in the wilderness in Minnesota. Maybe, just maybe, Brock may come to a decision during one of the many trips out to the blind on his land. He’s been nothing short of a money pot for the WWE and UFC, but one cannot really put a price on the silence and peacefulness provided by the elements of the outdoors. Sometimes a man just needs to weigh whats more important to himself and his family. Money, fame, and fortune; all the options are on the table for the Alexandria, MN native. Brock Lesnar can always hide from the world outside, but the craving for more may be more daunting than ever.

Commentary by Justin Huffman
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