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Each of the coaches/judges on The Voice has 10 team members going into the last night during the Blind Auditions Part Five episode tonight. They need to add two more team members and tonight is their chance to do just that. Who will get his or her team completed first? Read on and find out!

Host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began the episode by introducing the four judges, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams. He said “Tonight, the Blind Auditions come to an end.” He added that “The stakes couldn’t be higher,” for the artists trying out tonight.

Each of the teams on The Voice looks pretty strong so far. Matt McAndrew, 24, started off the episode. He said that his mom mostly raised him and his sister. “I got my first guitar when I was 11 years old,” he said. He works 2 jobs and tries to still do gigs every week.

Matt chose to sing A Thousand Years. He accompanied himself on his guitar. Adam pushed his button right away and turned his chair around. Then Pharrell and Blake simultaneously turned their chairs around for Matt. He was extremely good!

Adam said “I was really moved by what you did.”

Gwen said “I did enjoy it.”

Blake “Your voice is interesting. Even when your voice is soft, it’s intense.”

Pharrell: “You have this tone where you can sing full voice. I’ve been waiting to hear a voice like yours.”

Adam mentioned “not being afraid to collaborate.”

Pharrell said “I take my ego off at the door.”

Blake said “I’m a solo artist; you’re a solo artist. Go with me!”

Matt said “I’m going to go with Adam!”

Then, The Voice went to its first commercial break of the night. Coming up, though, it looks as if the action and emotions among the coaches will run intense. Gwen will go up against Pharrell to try to convince a competitor to be on her team for the first time this season.

Brittany Butler, 29, was the second singer on The Voice. She said that her grandfather got her her first guitar. Her grandfather, she said, pased away in 2009. “I hope the coaches want to help me,” she said.

Brittany sang The Girl from Ipanema. Gwen was the first to turn her chair around, follwed by Pharrell Williams. Britany has an excellent, jazzy sort of voice, ideal for this song. She NAILED it! Now, the two newest judges on The Voice must fight it out to get her to be on his/her teams.

“The first handful of cotton candy has been thrown,” Blake siad.

Gwen told Brittany: “That was so good! There’s a whole package going on I would really love you to be on my team.’

Pharrell said “I could use someone like you to collaborate with.”

Adam asked Blake “Why can’t we be more like them?”

Gwen said “It is really making my stomach hurt to have to try to fight Pharrell.”

Britany said: “The coach I pick is — Pharrell!”

Gwen said “It was definitely a candy cane sword fight. I should have fought harder.”

More great acts and singing will be coming up after another commercial break on The Voice. After the teams get solidified, beginning with tomorrow’s episode, the Battle Rounds are next. The competitors will then be trying to out-sing other team members for the right to stay on the teams that they are members of, and if they lose…they risk getting sent home or stolen by one of the other coaches.

Evan Watson, 29, is the third person to perform on The Voice. He said he opened for Meatloaf during one of his tours. Tonight, he will be singing The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. Adam said “I love this song.” Gwen replied “Wow.”

Evan blew this song away and made it totally his own! He has a gruff, raspy, very cool voice, perfect for a song like this. Despite that, however, none of the coaches on The Voice turned around for him.

Evan said to Blake that he has a home brewery. Blake was kind of bummed he did not chose him, but he said he was “being selective.” The coaches gave him a lot of encouragement but said he was perhaps trying to make his voice sound too gruff.

Pharrell said “I only have one spot left and I want to fill it with someone who is really good at singing R&B or Gospel.”

The Voice went to another commercial break. When the show returned, Ryan Sill, 20, sang. His mom gives opera lessons. “I have two sisters and we all sing,” he said. He said he “wants to perform in front of thousands of people. If I made a team it would change my life forever.”

Tonight on The Voice, Ryan sang Secrets by OneRepublic. Gwen turned her chair around very quickly. Ryan’s voice is amazing! Soon after, Blake also turned his chair around for Ryan. The audience clapped along as Ryan sang.

Blake said “You are one of the few artists who look like how they sound. Your voice is cool, and you look like a cool dude. You would make my team perfect.”

Gwen told him “You really surprised me with your high notes. I have only three guys on my team. I would love to work with you.”

Ryan said “I’m gonna go with Gwen!” He said to the camera “To get two chairs to turn, I’m really mind-blown.”

Blake said “Gwen used her charms and took an artist away from me.”

When The Voice came back from another break, Fernanda Bosch, 17, from Florida, sang next. She said that her mom qualified for the Olympic swim team. She works with kids with Downs Syndrome teaching them how to swim. “Having a coach to me means having the right guidance.”

Fernanda sang I Try. She had a beautiful voice, Pharrell said “She’s young,” and Adam answered “Really young.” She got Blake to turn his chair around and Gwen also turned hers.

She told Blake that “My parents are from Venezuela.”

Gwen said that she taught swimming lessons when she was 17, also.

Fernanda said “This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. I’m going to go with Team Blake.”

Gwen said “Maybe I’ll try to steal her later.”

The coaches on The Voice now each have only one spot remaining on their teams. When The Voice comes back from another commercial break, they will attempt to fill out the final spot and complete their teams.

Beth Spangler, 30, from South Carolina, was the next performer on The Voice. She said that she has been singing her whole life and drives three hours to Atlanta to get gigs to sing. She relates that her dad had a real bad motorcycle accident and lost his leg. “She don’t have to be a star for me,” her dad said. “But, I want her to be one, for her.”

Beth chose to sing Best Thing I Never Had. What a great voice! Both Blake and Adam pushed their buttons and turned their chairs around fairly quickly. Her voice was very powerful. Right at the end, Pharrell and Gwen also turned their chairs around.

Pharrell told her “I never heard anybody sound like that before. I have a number of soulful singers, but I don’t have you.”

Adam said “I have only one spot left on my team. I chose to turn around for you. I love you and want you on my team.”

Gwen spoke about her amazing vocal range, and then got out of her chair and talked to Beth about clothes.

Blake said “Look, I fell for your voice instantly. You’re meant to be on Team Blake.”

Pharrell said I never sat down. You need someone to stand up for you. They’re talking the talk; I’m walking the walk.”

Beth thought about who she wanted to be her coach, and said “I’m going to go with my gut.” Then, at that dramatic moment, The Voice went to a commercial break.

Beth finished her thought after the break and said “I’m gonna go with Adam.” Team Adam’s team was the first one to get completed of the four coaches.

Erin Kim was next on The Voice. Carson went to see him at his martial arts studio. He said he likes soul music, “like Al Green.” Then, he said he would be singing Latch for his Blind Audition. He would like to be on Team Pharrell.

Erin had a cool, unique-sounding voice. He had the audience clapping along as he sang. He did a great job, but none of the coaches turned around for him

Blake said “Man, that was really good.’

Gwen: “Your voice was really pretty.”

Pharrell: “That was so different from the original arrangement.”

Griffin was the next person to perform on The Voice. He said he tried to talk his family into moving to Nashville. “There were Christmases we didn’t have presents under the tree,” he said. He related that he and his sister made bow ties to raise money for him to move to Nashville. “I would love to have a coach guide me and show me the ropes.”

Griffin sang It’s a Beautiful Day. He did a perfect version of it! Pharrell and Blake turned around first, then Gwen followed suite. Griffin had a terrific voice!

Blake told Griffin “I love both Greenville and Nashville!” after Griffin mentioned both of these cities. “What kind of artist do you see yourself being?”

Griffin said “Pop music.”

Blake said “I love Michael Buble.”

Pharrell said I couldn’t believe your range. Even went you went to the lowest notes — I’d love to have you on my team.”

Gwen told him “This is The Voice — you and me. I have nobody on my team like you, at all. I think it’d be really, really fun to work with you.’

Griffin thought about his decision and said “I pick — Pharrell.” Pharrell walked over and shook hands with him.

Blake said Pharrell is building an army over there.” Pharrell does have a great team and he is the second one to get his team completed.

After more commercials, Chandra Knudsen sang next on The Voice. She said she has been singing since she was five. She also has an obsession with Batman. She has a Batman tattoo and underwear and her car is decked out like a Batman car.

The song Chandra chose to sing was Hard to Love. She sang with a lot of emotion in her voice and di a very good job, but the coaches did not turn their chairs for her.

Adam said “Those big notes were great, but my team is full and so is Pharrell’s.”

Blake told her “You were sharp a lot. Fix that and come back and you’ll make history here.”

Mayra Alvarez, 26, from Texas, took the stage of The Voice to sing. She said she was from the same town as Jake Worthington, from last season. She said that her dad booked her to sing on various Christian TV programs.

She sang Human Nature by Michael Jackson. The audience cheered. Her voice sounded quite a bit like Michael’s at the start of the song. Gwen pushed her button and turned her chair around. When Mayra hit a really high note, Blake also pushed his button and turned his chiar aorund for Mayra.

Blake told her “How cool would it be if you chose Team Blake and came in one place higher than Jake Worthington did last year?”

Gwen said “Your voice has such range and it’s light and fluffy. I think we could do a lot of fun stuff together.”

Blake: “This is not the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Come and be in my family.”

Gwen: “Blake is looking for family members. I’m looking for star.”

Mayra said “You’re all so incredible, but I’m going to pick…I pick Gwen!” Gwen becomes the third coach to get her team complete. Blake is the final coach who has a space left to fill. He can afford to be choosy, as there are no coaches left who will compete against him at this point.

“Blake,” as Carson said “is the only coach left who has an open spot on his team.” He has a varied team of talented singers, but he is still looking for that “diamond in the rough.” He passes by several singers before one strikes his interest enough.

Justin Johnes, 15, sang next on The Voice. He said that his parents got divorced about a year ago. “My mom’s my biggest fan.”

Justin chose to sing Let Her Go. He began by sitting on the stage, then got up as he contiued to sing. He did a terrific job and Blake finally turned his chair around.

“This is my first time performing in front of a crowd.” he said. when he told Blake he was 15, Adam said “Blake has pieces of meat stuck in his colon older than you are.”

Gwen said “I would have pressed my button, for sure.”

Blake had a Team Blake T-shirt made up that he said he had been waiting to give to his last team member.

Tomorrow night, The Voice will heat up as the Battle Rounds begin. Adam’s team mentor will be Stevie Nicks, Little Big Town will be Blake’s, and Gavin Rossdale of Bush — as well as being Gwen’s husband — will be her team’s mentor. Alica Keys will be the mentor for Team Pharrell as the season moves on to the next phase. Also, Taylor Swift will serve as an adviser for all of the teams later, during the Knockout Rounds. Starting tomorrow, team members will duel each other in head-to-head vocal battles for the right to remain on their teams.

The Blind Auditions Part Five on The Voice was a great episode, perhaps the most intense one yet, as the four coaches tried to fill out the final two spots on their teams with the competitors they hope will help lead their teams to victory. While all of the competitors were pretty solid, a couple of highlights from this episode would arguably have to be Matt McAndrew singing A Thousand Years and Beth Spangler singing Best Thing I Never Had, which was the only four-chair turn-around of the episode. Who will remain by the end of tomorrow’s show and who will get stolen? Be sure to tune in and find out!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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