‘The Voice’: The Knockout Rounds Premiere [Recap & Videos]

The Voice

On The Voice on NBC tonight, the Knockout Rounds premiere! The four coaches have made some difficult decisions, and have narrowed down the amount of team members that each has. They will be now still sing against members of their own teams, but each contestant will sing a different song instead of the same song. The loser of each Knockout Round will either go home or get stolen with the one steal that each coach has in these rounds. Also, with the advent of a new phase in the competition, Taylor Swift will be the mentor for each of the teams and will offer her tips and advice to the competitors.

The Voice began tonight with host, Carson Daly, introducing the four coaches, Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani, and giving a brief recap of last week’s episodes and how the coaches finalized their teams up to this point of the competition.

This week, for the sake of brevity, this look at the premiere episode of the Knockout Rounds will just mention the teams the competitors are from, the songs that each one sang, who was chosen as the winner of each Knockout, and if the loser was stolen and who stole him/her, if that was the case.

The first of the Knockout Rounds on The Voice pitted two members of Team Gwen against each other. They were Bryana Salaz, who sang Heart Attack, and Sugar Joans, who performed the song Love on Top. Gwen Stefani chose Bryana Salaz as the winner of the Knockout Round, and Pharrell used his only steal right off the bat by stealing Sugar Joans to be on his team.

The second of the Knockouts on The Voice involved two members of Team Blake. James David Carter went up against Griffin. Carter sang You’ve Got a Friend and Griffin performed As Long as You Love Me. It was another great Knockout Round, but Blake said that the winner was James David Carter. None of the other coaches used his/her steal on Griffin, sadly.

After a commercial break on The Voice, the third of the night’s Knockouts was between DaNica Shirey and Katriz Trinidad of Team Pharrell. DaNica’s song tonight was Saving All My Love for You while Katriz sang Superwoman. Pharrell thought that they both were terrific, but he finally said that the winner of the Knockout was DaNica Shirey. Katriz was up to be stolen, but the other coaches saved their steals and did not try to steal her.

When The Voice returned from another commercial break, the next of the Knockouts commenced on The Voice. It was between Damien and Toia Jones from Team Adam. Damien did a great job singing How Do I Live and Toia Jones rocked out the song Crazy in Love, bringing out her inner Queen Bey. Adam Levine hated to choose between two excellent singers like Damien and Toia, but he said that Damien was the winner of the Knockout Round. Nobody used a steal on Toia.

Then, after yet more commercials on The Voice on NBC, the fifth of the Knockout Rounds was between Jessie Pitts and Tanner Linford of Team Blake. Jessie sang the awesome Elton John song, Your Song, and NAILED IT! Tanner Linford performed the song Calling All Angels and also did a FANTASTIC job with it, making this a difficult decision for Blake Shelton to make. However, Blake Shelton had to choose, so he said that Jessie Pitts was the winner of the Knockout Round. Once again, none of the other coaches used a steal on Tanner.

The final Knockout Round on The Voice was between two members of Team Pharrell, Luke Wade, who chose to sing Rich Girl, and Taylor Phelan, who sang the song Rather Be. They were both AMAZING, but, in the end, when Carson asked Pharrell who won the Knockout Round, Williams said the winner was Luke Wade.

That left Taylor Phelan up to be stolen. Finally, the coaches decided to act and push their buttons — all three of the other coaches tried to steal Taylor, Adam, Gwen, and Blake each pushed their buttons to steal him! The coach that Phelan decided to choose was Adam, so he will be lending his vocal talents to Team Adam now, and that leaves only Gwen and Blake with a steal to use.

The Voice commenced the Knockout Rounds phase of the season with tonight’s exciting episode. Tomorrow will bring more suspense and great singing during the second round of the Knockouts. Please tune in and watch The Voice tomorrow and check back here to read the recap of the show!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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