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The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere on AMC began with a scene called Then, depicting Terminus from the time when they decided to be different from how they had originally envisioned their community. Gareth and another member of Terminus talk about how they had “brought” people there, and had been “trying to be human beings,” in the words of Gareth. That is not what they have become at the beginning of the episode, No Sanctuary, though, as Sheriff Rick Grimes and his band of survivors find out in the season premiere of The Walking Dead.

The first few minutes of The Walking Dead were released already by AMC, before the premiere on Sunday, October 12. They were intense and they were a great indication of what to expect in the rest of the premiere episode.

In the Now, Sheriff Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Sgt. Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter, Carl, Michonne and the rest of the survivors who made it to Terminus are planning to attack as many of the people of Terminus as they can, whenever the doors of the boxcar are opened. They have collected nails from the boxcar and have fashioned weapons from them to go after the eyes, then the throats, of the members of Terminus who have imprisoned them.

On The Walking Dead, four of the members of Terminus approach the boxcar. The survivors inside can see them coming through cracks in the sides of the boxcar. The plan of Rick, Sgt. Abraham and the other survivors does not work, because the four people remove the boxcar’s roof. Everyone inside gets gassed.

Rick and the rest of his band (some get left behind in the boxcar) get taken to a building and they are gagged and bound with plastic ties. They are placed in kneeling positions facing a long sink. Someone is sharpening knives, and a body is on a table being cut apart by two members of Terminus.

A couple of other Terminus members walk behind Rick and the other survivors and one has a baseball bat in his hands. He goes up behind the alst person in line and slams the bat into his head, killing him. Rick and the rest are like animals taken to the slaughterhouse, to be killed, one after the other, and butchered.

The man who got hit in the back of his head on The Walking Dead also then had his throat slit open to bleed out. The Terminus men keep going down the line, killing the survivors, until they get to Glenn, when they get interrupted in their grisly task. Rick has a knife in his hand that he has slid out of his boot.

Bob tries to talk to Gareth, though he is gagged. The men remove his gag so he can talk. He tells them that they do not have to do this, that there is a man with them who can help cure the disease that causes the walking dead to act like zombies.

The Terminus members do not care and place the gag back in Bob’s mouth. Then, Gareth asks Rick what was in the bag he hid outside the fence. Rick does not want to tell him, but Gareth threatens to kill Bob right then with a knife, so Rick tells him. Soon after that, there are some explosions outside that rattle and shake the walls. Then, The Walking Dead went to another commercial break.

Tyreese, Carol and baby Judith are headed to Terminus when The Walking Dead returned from a commercial break. Tyreese takes Judith from Carol and Carol walks up to a walker and runs her knife into its head. But, there are many more of them that shamble out of the woods. Carol, Tyreese and Judith hide themselves as the zombies walk by down the railroad tracks. They hear a lot of gunfire, likely from the battle that Rick and his band had with the members of Terminus before they got captured.

A man is on a walkie-talkie and Carol comes up behind him with a gun she holds to the back of his head. The man tells her “We were just protecting ourselves.” He lies to Carol about them not having many of the others there, as well as other lies.

Carol rubs the blood and gore of a zombie all over herself. Tyreese has the Terminus member under guard. The Terminus guy tries to talk to Tyreese and said that he used to have friends and used to go to church. Tyreese said he has not gotten used to the horrible things.

“Of course you haven’t,” the man tells Tyreese. “You save babies. You’re a good guy. That’s why you’re gonna die today. That’s why the baby’s gonna die. Or. you can get into that car, get out of here, and keep on being lucky. Take her, take the car, and go. I don’t want to do this today,” the Terminus member tells Tyreese.

Carol stealthily goes up to the fence and she sees Rick and the others taken into Terminus. She has lured zombies there and Carol shoots a gas tank, releasing gas. Then, she shoots a rocket into one of the buildings, which erupts into a huge explosion. Carol is like a one-woman army right before The Walking Dead went to another break.

When The Walking Dead came back after the break, the Terminus guy is talking to Tyreese. “Maybe that’s your friend, or woman out there.”

Rick has been busily cutting his restraints. The zombies are going after some of the Terminus members. Carol walks along with the zombies. Rick, inside, kills both of the Terminus members left and unties Glenn. It turns out that some of the members of Rick’s band are still in the boxcar, including Sgt. Abraham Ford and Michonne. The Terminus members are trying to kill the zombies but they can not kill them all. Carol fires her gun at several.

“If you cross any of these people, don’t hesitate,” Rick says. “They won’t.” They see several dead people, dismembered, hanging from meat hooks. Rick, Glenn, and the others then go on the attack, but hide when they see hordes of the walkers going by.

After another commercial break, The Walking Dead returned and Carol was inside a terminus building, looking at all of the watches they had collected on a table. Outside, the battle against the walkers raged on. Many of them were getting mowed down in hails of gunfire. Rick, Daryl and Glenn killed as many Terminus members as they could in the overall chaos.

Inside, Carol came to the building with all of the candles. Terminus Mary, who it was reveales in the Talking Dead was Gareth’s mother, said “Drop your weapons and turn around. I want to see your face.”

Carol dropped some, then turned around with another gun and began firing.

“The signs — they were real,” Mary said. “This was sanctuary. We heard the message — you’re either the butcher or you’re the cattle.”

“The men who were in the boxcar — where are they?” Carol asked. The woman did not answer, so Carol shot her. Then, the woman was more talkative but still defiant. She told Carol “We’re still here.”

“You’re not here, and neither am I,” Carol said, luring the walkers in to finish off Mary. She screams as they reach her and Carol leaves her there to her fate.

Back in the house, the Terminus man somehow got his hands on baby Judith and told Tyreese to “Go outside! Don’t make me,” meaning, do not make me kill the baby. Walkers were outside, but Tyreese did as the Terminus guy asked him, and went outside. Then, The Walking Dead went to yet another commercial break.

The man with the walkie-talkie tried to get a hold of someone, but nobody responded. It was suddenly quiet outside and then Tyreese came in and started kicking the dude’s butt.

Inside the boxcar, the survivors that were there tried to keep preparing their homemade weapons. Eugene was asked what the cure was and he said even if he told them, the cure would die with him, because they would not be able to use the instructions correctly.

Finally, Eugene started talking to them about using “fire with fire” to kill the walkers. Biological agents, as that is what started the disease.

Rick and Daryl let the others out of the boxcar, and then the battle was truly on. They killed some of the zombies and went to the hidden bag to get even more weapons.

“Kill the rest of them. They don’t get to live,” Rick said. “It isn’t over until we kill all of them.”

Carol slowly walked up to them and Daryl ran over to her and hugged her in an emotional welcome.

“Did you do that?” Rick asked her, and then he also hugged her. “Thank you,” he said.

“You have to come with me,” Carol told them. She took them to where Tyreese was, carrying baby Judith. Rick was overjoyed to see her and Tyreese and he cradled Judith in his arms.

Carol asked Tyreese what happened and Tyreese told her. He said that the Terminus guy was dead, saying “I had to.” Then, the band of survivors headed off once again. Rick came to a sign that promised sanctuary and crossed out all of the word except “sanctuary” and wrote “No” above it.

Finally, there was another flashback to when Gareth and his group were held captive. The group who held them was killing them off, one-by-on, just like how Gareth and his fellow Terminus members later did with people who came to them looking for sanctuary.

A mysterious figure, a masked man, was at the very end of The Walking Dead. He saw a red sign on a tree, of a circle with an X inside of it. The man is Morgan, looking better than the last time he was on The Walking Dead. That, fans of The Walking Dead, was the end of the premiere episode.

What can be said, except the season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead was intense and action-packed. It will be difficult to top the premiere, but there are a lot of episodes to go. No Sanctuary might quite possibly be the best season premiere yet of The Walking Dead. Leave any comments below, please and be sure to tune in to watch next week’s episode of The Walking Dead!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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